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TOS Personal Housing Klaipeda Mirieliza place promo

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name:Mirieliza

Character Name:MiriBee

Video Description :Hello everyone, at Mirieliza Place the priotity is to keep you happy, comfy or just have fun. Hope you love to stay as much we love you visit to us.

Video Link :


pft pft pft X3 the video reminds me of this remix. especially when your friend shows up and chase each other XD

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Hello @STAFF_Jin

Why I am not calificated in the finalist 10 ?
I would be glad if could answer me, because i did this with so much effort, sure I enjoyed it , and met people but at least I just want to know what happen with my post?
thanks and reggards

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Greetings, savior!

Thank you for your participation in our event!

The video was really awesome and enjoyable!
Sadly, your video was excluded from the candidate due to the following terms:

  • Your Team Name on the left upper side must be on the video at least β€œ5 seconds.”

Please understand that we had to sort the candidates according to the notice.
So please try again in the next event!

Thank you.

If you allow me to query @STAFF_JIM
So why was this player allowed to participate? it does not meet the mentioned requirement

I think it is an unfair situation for Mirieliza

Another player who does not comply and was also allowed to participate
It is not possible to validate that these users promote their Personal Home, they could be homes of other users

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Greetings, savior!
I am Staff Jin and I will answer on behalf of Staff JIM.

First of all, thank you for your interest in our event.

Sadly, the video showed the name on the left upper side less than β€œ5 seconds”.

The following term is on our notice:
Your Team Name on the left upper side must be on the video at least β€œ5 seconds.”

We liked your video as well and are deeply sorry for telling you that you are excluded.
But the video did not satisfy the terms on our notice.
So please understand that and try in the next event.

Thank you.