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[TOS Personal Housing] Klaipeda - Fenritt

After playing too much Nekopa- i mean after visiting my local Bakery, I was inspired to make one of my own.

Come on down to the counter, where we sell everything from Cannon-shaped cakes to Rye bread. And yes, those medals are real genuine reviews, not my guildmates that i paid with blessed gems.

Enjoy your cake or bread at the eating area, maybe together with a friend? Yes, the Rye Bread is to be eaten whole without anything on top.

If you want to relax, you can hang out at our small reading corner, where we are keeping plenty of books on the History of cakes and cookies (and rye bread)

Of course, Crocodile-Chan is at the center of it all, giving you great comfort while ordering.



nekopara is a nice game >w<

oooh~ that’s a veri long display counter you have there owO

oh oh Owo do you sing while baking >w<?