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[TOS Personal Housing] Home Sweet Home

Team Name: Artaxerias
Server: Telsiai [SEA]

Hi all~ :wave:

I just want to share my house in here :3

P.S. I apologize for killing the bear! >.<

Here is the full view of my house

I changed the interior for quite a lot of time due to the maximum 20 limits furniture constraint T^T

Got a lot of idea about how to build this house, but cannot fulfill my ideaaaaaa :sob:

Anyway, here is the closer look of each department

My kitchen, where the maid is naughty enough to be lazying around doing nothing :rofl:

Talking with friend to decide what’s on dinner :thinking:

This is the place where I do the banquet with my friends (want to put champagne, but better not to, or else my house will be full of drunken) :crazy_face:

My guest room and a space for me to read the book comfortably :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Andddd the place for me to relax and being naughty a lil bit~ teheee~ :kissing_heart:

I forgot to apologize for killing the bear :confounded:

That is my sweet home :heart:

Feel free to come and relax, and maybe have a lil party in my house :heart_eyes:

If I could put more furniture, there are still many ideas flowing in my head, especially to make my bedroom more cozy and more lovely :two_hearts:

However, I really love this design, hope you guys enjoy it also :v:


nice and neat design |3 feels like one of those modern interior Owo