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[TOS Personal Housing] Fedimian / Mhyst (Cozy House of Mine~)

Server: [EU] Fedimian
Team Name: Mhyst


Hello Saviors!
It feels good to relax, be lazy after some big adventures, doesn’t it? Nothing feels better than being home! I’ll show you my personal housing~

Here’s the full view :purple_heart:

Some space to relax after a hard day, drinkin by the fire peacefully~ (drink alcohol only in moderation ;D)

It’s also important to study this world and what the goddesses left us! I must be too serious but anyway it’s me teehee~ ☆ (I really need some rugs here onegaaaiiii xD or please lift the furniture limit =’|)

But the more the merrier they say, so I decided to invite my beloved guildmates to celebrate me having a new house and to have a toast all together!

Partying all night was fun :distinguished: but I guess it went too far at some point x’D… (breeding between a spotted pig and a lesser panda… I’m not responsible for that, but sorry for the new species IMC :s)

Don’t ask me why Nopseudo was caressing his spotted pig all of sudden :pig:… We all don’t wanna know… >o<

But I could finally get my bedroom back :zzz: #tired

NB : I want to thank my sweet and silly guildmates Kremaa, Guerriers, Nopseudo, Shurie and PesteMojo for participating in my screenshots, it was super fun, I love them all and our guild Eternity (FR only) is the best :smiley: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Thank you for this event and come visit my house anytime you want on [EU]Fedimian~


oooh nice fireplace setup X3 i wish that many peeps would visit my place too >w<

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