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[TOS Personal Housing] Fedimian - Exutoire

So, I heard I was finally allowed to keep a house in this region… what could I do? Me being me, I just went to blow my money at the local furniture seller, and started having fun with renovations. I’m particularly fond of this corner, where I can just stay comfortable and sip some tea while reading and fantasizing.

This is my bedroom. A bit too big for me alone, but at least that meant it could fit a nice bureau. I’ll look into some more things to make it feel more full and lively. I just moved in, after all…

And what’s a house without a living room? A place to make plans in, take some coffee, of which there will always be plenty of… and also some scotch, I guess. You just need that, at times.

[Then, I just had to be a fangirl and recreate a certain almost-empty house in a certain Pokèmon game. Will you take a look at the stones and minerals in my displays? They’re amazing, I could talk about them for hours! Still, forgive my scarce decor…]

That’s it, I guess. This feature gives me heavy Animal Crossing vibes, for some reason, and I really looked forward to it for the longest time. Keep up the good work, I’ll just… go back at the bottle with this obligatory UI-cluttered screenshot to show my team name. Thanks and goodbye!


i like how you have these type of windows on the highest possible level. it goes give a different feel to it Owob