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ToS on Mac 2020 Method

Hello Everyone!

Something to note - I don't own, or use a Mac. I figured this out so a friend of mine could play ToS with me.

This is, as far is I know, one of the few working ways to get ToS to function on a Mac device. Prior known methods are:

  • Bootcamp - Probably the best way, but also space-intensive and requires some further investment to purchase a copy of windows. You might be able to get away without activating your windows and doing this for free, I wouldn't know. I don't use a Mac.

  • PlayOnMac - As far as I know, this either doesn't work anymore as I could find no guides that were recent, or the old, somewhat convoluted guides still work. So potentially functioning but perhaps a bit iffy.

  • Wine - Similar to PlayOnMac, I'm unsure if this functions anymore and I have no idea if the old guides are relevant. Also a bit more complicated.

  • Crossover - Can't tell you if it works, but it also costs money.

What I found, and what some of you probably already know about does come with several flaws but, it works.


Nvidia's GeForce Now

Nvidia has its own program that allows you to stream games (Somewhat similar to Stadia I guess?) That makes it incredibly easy to get ToS working on a Mac.


  • Easy to install - No further knowledge other than just knowing how to install something on a Mac. Congrats fellow small brains.
  • You don't have to install ToS - If space is a concern, because you're streaming the game you technically don't have to install ToS at all. Every time you go to launch the game it'll act like you need to install it through steam but it takes seconds since there is no actual install happening.

Probably the easiest, least invested way of doing this? - If other methods work, they're a bit more invested and whatnot this is really not that hard and doesn't require you to commit to figuring much out, honestly.

I'm going to try and list more cons, just so there's no surprises for anyone who tries this. I still think it's a very good system and my friend seems very content with using the free subscription!


  • Settings don't save - Because of the fact you aren't installing the game to your own computer your settings won't save. This means client-side settings like keybinds, volume, etc would have to be set every time you go to play. If you use the default settings, great, if not, unfortunately, you'll have to get used to changing whatever keys it is every time you load in. To clarify, server-saved settings like skill placement on your hotbar are saved. And no, you won't lose data as this is as your data is saved on a server.
  • Limited playtime - Sorta. GeForce has two subscription levels. One is free, and you can play for an hour before it kicks you off. (It warns you on several intervals of time so you aren't surprised) However, this doesn't mean you can't play anymore! You just have to relaunch and redo your settings and you're good for another hour. This can be repeated infinitely. Or, premium users ($5 a month I think) have I believe 4 hours until they're kicked off. Not the best, but considering you're playing a game that isn't supposed to run on your system it's something that would be handleable.
  • Limited AFK ability - If you fish, and things like that as previously mentioned GeForce will kick you off after 1 (Free) or 4? (Premium) hours. So, you can't really do the AFKing necessary for that sorta thing.

    I hope this helps anyone trying to play on a Mac! Thank you!