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ToS Mobile is coming?

any news about ToS mobile version? I’m sure this come to be a interesting game for all

Beta Testing start on June 4th, 2021 in Japan (You might or will need VPN + Japanese google account to download/install/etc the game after pre-registered if you live outside Japan). Here’s the video guide for per-registration process.

Video: RE: Tree of Savior Beta Testing/Pre-registration + Game Contents, Open World, and MORE! / MMORPG - YouTube

:white_check_mark: Links :white_check_mark:
:point_right: RE:TOS Official Twitter:
:point_right: Pre-registration/Official Site: Re:Tree of Savior(リ・ツリーオブセイヴァー)│公式サイト

Registration Period: May 21th - May 31, 2021
Beta Testing Period: June 4th - June 17th, 2021

" the biggest change from the PC version is the addition of gacha characters (known as “fellows”), with the usual rarity tiers such as R, SR, and UR etc."


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Edited: RNG all over the places xD. I can’t blame em.

Here are some example the screenshots so far about RE:TOS.

Comparison Klaipeda (Mobile vs PC)


real important is … auto path finding/auto loot/auto farm/auto … you know where this goes gahahaha

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open world eh?
dont make me laugh
pc version which can handle more resource yet its barely open world as everything matters are instance dungeon

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so instead of forming party, you gacha for 2 follower to do content with you or something?

Looks like ■■■■ tbh. They can’t even make the PC version better.

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what a waste of money imc

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