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ToS keeps flickering when alt tabbed

My screen keeps flickering/ blinking when i alt tab. when in tos it happens sometimes. when tabbed it always flickers. help plz

yea for me too, at first i thought it was my GPU or monitor problem, but yea theres seems to be flickering issue if u alt tab.
happens like 2 or 3 times every 15 mins after u alttab first and does not go away.

Hello Saviors,

Kindly submit a support ticket with the details of the matter for further investigation.

did u manage to fix it

try turning down the max fps from 500 to somewhere reasonable to your monitor refresh rate (like 60) in tos settings.

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Unfortunately , it seems to be occuring most in the 64bit version .
32bit version seems to have very less.(only 1 flickering in 1 hour so far).

being trying basic Trouble shooting like

  1. Verfying Re-Integrity of files in steam
  2. Uninstall and Reinstall etc…

@skywing22 ,
Thanks for the information, i see limiting the Frame Rate slider to monitor’s framerate in the settings has reduced Flickering condiserably. its much better now.

however, its still too early to say if its completely fixed or not. Lets wait and see.

Do you use vertical synch option? This will limit the FPS to what your monitor can handle (60 for 60Hrz, 75 for 75Hrz, …). I didn’t experience this issue with that setting enabled.

u ask me to submit ticket, then u just ask me verify my game files again. game cant start , ask me verify.
screen flickering, ask me verify. whats next? whats the point of asking me to submit my ticket if youre only solution is verify game files?

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