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ToS is empty? How many people play on each server?

Every day there are fewer people in Silute. Every day it’s harder to make mandatory automatch content because no one is playing. Does this happen on the other ToS servers? IMC knows that every day that passes more people lose interest in the game because there is no more content? I really don’t want this game to die.

It’s happening everywere, rn i think klaipeda it’s the one were it’s most of the people.

The last week or so, its been more empty than ever. Theres barely any people in my guild online, and less and less people are visible in towns. Everyone i know is playing lost ark, and while some of them might eventually come back to tos after the honeymoon phase, i dont think most of them will. ToS just lacks content to do.


Yep, everyone’s off trying out Lost Ark. It would be even worse if Lost Ark wasn’t having server load / queue time problems, especially in Europe.

Lost Ark is currently a pretty big deal / getting tonnes of attention and it’s competing with TOS for the same playerbase, so most players will want to give it a try. At least, until the shine wears off and they reach endgame, where it loses its biggest advantage (a well-presented main story with lots of spectacle) and reveals the typical Korean MMO hamster wheel of suffering hidden underneath :haha:

That’ll level the battlefield.

TOS’ biggest disadvantage right now is that there’s really nothing worthwhile going on. Even this upcoming event is lacklustre. There’s really no opportunity cost stopping most players from hopping into Lost Ark for a while. I imagine we’ll see another influx of players to TOS when Episode 14 finally drops and when we get this year’s anniversary event.

Cross server just for auto-match content, when? :tired:

Isn’t this a thing already? I recalled playing dungeon or whatever that was with another server players with server tag in their ign.

Also regarding player base, tos just officially hit 500ish Average player hours ago. But the truth is the real recent average would be around 400ish with average peak around 600ish, I doubt it’s still reach 900ish this week, even prior to this week. It’s just latest peak numbers per month calculated data from weeks ago, probably even from previous month until it declared real monthly peak.

Personally I don’t think lost ark the main cause of tos loss
There just so many good games to play rn like elden ring, dl2, pokemon arceus, new yugi etc etc
Games that can guarantee freshness or just quality fun time
When it’s being compared to tos, it doesn’t make sense to choose tos over them
Only because something like limitations like new games requirement or you are known player here that you don’t wanna start anew as newbie in new game

Honestly what’s the point of fame when there’s only handful numbers to show off to.

Still if you are enjoying tos right now, good for you and have good time playing

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Many people just never close their clients to collect popo points. Real average playercount would be ~200 across all servers.

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A month ago I have friends who were seriously thinking about playing other things. Because there is no content. Only new or very casual players don’t have things like res sacrae at 10 or vaivoras at lv 4. Just do weekly quests and maybe… gtw? Because there are not enough people for tbl either. If the game is this empty, would anyone be motivated to buy the token, godess cube or even waste an hour of their time on 2f?

As a casual player, seeing that population chart is depressing.

I do queue and it takes very long to meet other players.

Game is on lifeline.

twtos has 700+player
But GTW are like KTOS&ITOS

Worst part is it doesn’t look like there are any significant attempt from Imc at improving player retention, at least for the early game. New players start, play a little bit and then quit before even reaching the endgame.

A game like Lost Ark has a decently engaging early game, meanwhile ToS overloads new players with information, all while being boringdue to the power creep - which means you now one-shot pretty much everything in the early game.

What is their solution to fix the early game in ep14? Pretend it doesn’t exist, and give everyone skips to lvl 440ish… :tired:

The game population does not increase as there are little to no new players around, and only keeps going down as existing players quit/migrate to other games.


seems like you never skip the game for a month+ dude
The game give you skip to 460
Im not gonna surprised if after they bump it to 470 they will straightaway sell package with jump to new caps and quickly giveaway free jump
Level is a joke

If this number is true it means itos has the LOWEST population across all server (as of now), I think I don’t need to say what IMC gonna do if they want to cut the cost

The number is a lie
I login to klai, the most crowded of all
And if I visit all town there probably just 50 players around
While the queue of contents also dead
Imagine another server like fedi

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itos population is somewhere equal to, and even less than jp tos or tw tos and idk bout krtos.
that when itos is international server, its global server
the other day i checked krtos nexon forum there are even more comments complaining about krtos population so yeah, even in its own country the situation is pretty much the same in every server.



If you consider that 20% of players are afk players, and 20% of this number are players with multiple accounts, that can change fast between accounts, specially after LV 460 Card.

The first guilt is for the community. If a user with a photo of a Asian Cute Girl post something, even if its wrong, everybody come to defend it, and flag the opposite comment. This completely ruined the community.

The second guilt is for IMC for many many reasons, I can list some:
1 - Mass Ban players forever, from the game and from the forum. ( me myself have been banned from the forums, for talk about how IMC manage this game very bad, just for that, this is my second account here, the other can see the forum, but is not allowed to post anything forever).
2 - The fight against Silver making bots, ruined this game. What matter if you force every single bot or afk players (summoner for example) of stopping making money, if your collateral effect is ruin players experiences as well.? Sure no silver will be sold on black market, but that does not matter, no one want to buy it anyway, from a dead game. If they just kept the original Market the way it was, no actions about silver on the black market, and just stopped giving tokens for free, it would be much more profitable today. Look at the chart, I will be surprise if the game survive the rest of the year.
For example: you start the game, and you cant access the public market until a certain day. So your only font of money are quests. just ridiculous.

3 - Market Restrictions. You need a token to sell any item.
This is my old post: This aged well. (well for the idea, very bad for those that ridicularized it).
Congratulations for alll those.

There are other small reasons, that sum to the ruining of the game population:

  • Poor, poor Marketing/publicity . The game have a unique art. Still today I get surprised by the little details put into it. It is a unique experience, yet, its the last thing people see when coming to the game. Screen is too polluted with information
  • The lack of Secret Quests.
  • The lack of collective guild activities. If the game is too heavy for PVP, so bring more collective activities for the guild, instead of just killing bosses. The plantation and the animal farm were awesome. you just need to make more content like it. (steal the idea from the other game if you have to).
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Dude you are outdated.
I mean if you go back here to rant at least do some more research about the game past updates and current situation or it’s just end up being baseless complain
Ive been hiatus a lot as well, I still seldomly came here to replies, but I keep my self updated

Lv 460 card? You mean goddess card? Goddess card progress is team lock, no funneling, and if you talk about funneling legend card as fodder to level legend card it’s not worth that much and it requires effort, can’t do with just afk. Additionally imc try to break legend cards with more legend card enhance card p2w, I’m not gonna surprised if it’s finally become irrelevant by them releasing freebies/ultra-low-effort version of it, like how they did to the rest of old features.

Check the pic of anyone above, or past 10 20 50 thread, does anyone use cute asian pic? Nobody does that. Even if there was, was there any fight and defending over cute asian pic guy? Nah. Do you believe I am digimon doin forum? Yeah right. I think you talk about different forum dude, and it’s 2022 people still dumb enough to defend anonymous account? Somewhere else I’m not surprised, but not here. Id say there barely 100 active account doin forum each month.

I’ve been banned. forum only. And I got my old acc restored after like a year I guess. I see you got banned isn’t simply because “badmouthed” imc as I did it myself in the past, I even occasionally involve sarcasm in my recent replies so I think your in game sin is bigger than that

Their fighting bots decision was indeed sucks. It double edged sword. It kill field botters but also kill field hunt itself. But botters still made their way botting old auto cm until they made it roam style. Now it’s pretty much worthless to have lots of accounts except to farm using freebies tickets and get some tradables so you can funnel it and it lots work to do (and lots of long queueing which makes it more unworthy). Also market dead because they kill tradables, more and more stuffs are team locked, it’s not funnelable anymore, and nobody doing quest for silver anymore, it’s been nerfed like eons ago.

Even if they remove it now it won’t save the game. It’s too late. The game economy is dead anyway except for whales selling their p2w stuffs, snake farmer and evolution stone hunter.

This isn’t small reason. It’s big. The problem is poor quality of tos, it’s development and worst of all it’s management. You can’t advertise something that’s messy, you just gonna show how bad it is, it’s only covered by game good arts, and slowly newcomers returners will realize how terrible game aspects are.

This will give a small breather to the fun part of game, but not enough to keep them for a long time. Also Imc isnt into fun anymore. They put their focus so much in skill balancing, making new class each several months, making costumes, and p2w items.


This is actually the big one. Most people have tried Tree before–even if it was marketed they would see it, go “oh no that was awful” and never try it again. The biggest way the population would grow was word of mouth when the game was going well.

I would say the biggest issue still is just lack of things to do. One raid a year doesn’t cut it, people get bored of it. There has to be a wider variety of content which is actually rewarding. And when new content does come out, it can’t be a buggy mess.

What makes Lost Ark compelling isn’t even that the content itself is that fun–a lot of it is really annoying. But there’s a metric ton of content, and the annoying parts are somewhat brief. It’s also just a really polished game, things work as you expect them to. The raids are somewhat complex, but the mechanics actually function as you expect them to. It just borrows interesting elements from dozens of other MMOs (and other games) and does it coherently. But there are things that plainly Tree does better, like the class design (there are balance issues in all games, but I mean as a base), the aesthetics/setting, the charm, even. But Tree just doesn’t have the (I assume) money or development chops to pull off the vision that the directors of the game seem to demand of them. There are ways around this, but they’ve just chosen rather to discard failed projects and move on as if they never existed and hope people forget and come up with the next “new” thing to tack on.

The state of Tree itself as far as goddess gear, the UI improvements, etc., are definitely the best state the game has ever been in–the big issue is that there’s nothing to do but grind (and there are too many things in place which force a player to spend real money to be competitive–this is also something Lost Ark does not do yet). There needs to be an overhaul of the old existing systems rather than just have them discarded and pushed aside.


i think the core of the very core problem is just tos reach its endgame.

the fun adventurous journey is pretty much end already, to be continued, or probably theres only extras story and the rest of the game is just grind, and to me its the worst kind of grind genre of instance dungeon which is so boring, lacking social aspect, and tedious. isnt this game marked itself previously as open world? even though its segregated by area, it still was, but it doesnt feel like one ever since they go full dungeon on almost all feature including field boss raid. there was even just like originally 5 zaura and gang iirc?? then they cut it into 2 skia and the butterflies?? to no field massive raid action at all as they turn it into dungeon style jsr. the only big scale pve is probably guild dungeon and its not accessible easily and its still pretty much a dungeon. thats pretty sucks for massive multiplayer game for having no big scale accessible pve raid. big pve scale public raid does matters, it shows the game population, also its cool place to flex your progress.

Also have you ever watch soap operas where they just adding more characters and uneccessary story while the main story is actually end or just postponed?? its not even relevant to its title anymore. its pretty much what happened to most mmo that reach endgame including tos, like mabinogi for example you will heard the same complain in its forum that they made the game easy, theres less things to do and so on.

especially if you compared the game to lost ark, which is fresh for some, or maybe not for others, cause actually its just a fresh arena to show off how fast you reach endgame, how much you willing to pay, gain fame, and in the end you will meet the same boring grindwall.

tbh the euphoric moment of most recent new MMO is pretty short because most of them are rush game. like what happened to new world will most likely happen to lost ark as well. its just lost ark definitely has more contents to offer since its been existed 2-3 years already and if any bad decision was happened in the past, in another server, they couldve at least prevent it on this one and most definitely provide better experience.

but at the very core, its the same. at one point you will eventually get bored and move on. if you arent, majority will.

imc should get a clue, either they build that tos mobile and make it right, or at least better than beginning of tos pc, or just develop tos 3 and start fresh, keeping all the goodies, players favorites, and most definitely better game management.