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Tos freeze when crafting

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 6/7/2018 - 8 PM

Server Name: Klaipedia

Team Name: Visha

Character Name: Ciel

Bug Description : i was crafting items and noticed the freeze whenever i complete it, i never experienced freezes before the june maintenance.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. pick a recipe
  2. finish crafting that item
  3. freeze when it’s completed :tired:

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : keyboard


  • CPU : I5-4690 quad core 3.50 GHZ
  • RAM : 8 gb
  • Graphics Card : Geforce Gtx 960
  • Mainboard : asrock
  • Storage : 128 gb ssd
  • OS : windows 7 professional
  • Internet Connection : 100 mbs

And you aren’t using any add-ons while crafting?

This “bug” has been around since game’s launch, besides it’s something that happens with enchanting (hats with scrolls) and enhancing (items with anvils) too, with and without addons.

It doesn’t only freeze when completing crafting, but also when sitting down and opening the crafting window.

It happens for an elongated period of time now and very frequently. It didn’t happen in the beginning,though, so my guess is that somewhere along the way the game files get/got corrupted.

I’d do a clean re-installation, but re-downloading the game with 1,1 Mb/second maximum download speed takes ages to complete…

i don’t use any addons and i did a clean re-installation

i also freeze / lag when i use anvil (but this one is because i have too many items in my inventory. and i fail alot of anvils whenever i freeze…)


The only thing I noticed is that when the server is “empty”, it doesn’t happen (or happens less frequently).
Back then, when I crafted dispellers it used to stop crafting if the client froze for too long (it affected all classes that had a crafting “queue”, like fletcher or alchemist).
If you search the forums, you’ll see that this bug has been reported many and many times already, never solved sadly.

this lag dont fix from start game)

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This has to something to do with the number of items in the bag. A new character with little to no etc drops will barely get any lag/freeze while a character who has some drops of everything, will always get some intermittent freeze (from my experience). Anvils do the same thing and I think it’s caused by the logic in how items are looked up. This also isn’t a recent thing as it has been like this for as long as I can remember.

This is similar to the kind of lag you get when opening the world map with most places revealed. A new character would also barely lag/freeze when opening a blank-ish world map. This was before exploration was shared across characters though.

For the record, the game also lags/drops frames when if you have your bag open and keep moving your cursor over and off items. Try doing this while moving and you can see the performance impact easy. Most likely an issue of how tooltips are rendered.


@DontMindMe is right about this. The issue is related to the amount of items in inventory. My main char has a bunch load of items and this happens, but my alts with much less items don’t have the issue.

For crafting you can skip this issue just closing your inventory window while crafting, but this doesn’t work with other things like anvils, where it’s annoying to close the inventory window each time.