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Tree of Savior is so far removed from what made the game fun, i understand that the game had its obstacles from gold farmers and balancing. I’ve been playing the game since before Re:Tos.

Rebuild was ok, but it limited What made the game unique, class customization.

Honestly, the game has become boring, its like a grind of repetitiveness to make any progress. taking silver out the game was a big mistake, Instead of working on removing silver spammers, you punish all the other players, and put silver behind a literal CASH wall. So now its like a choice spending real money to make silver and that shouldn’t be so. And since most gold sellers would probably funnel a crappy item let players report market items that most likely be gold seller items when seen and most gold farmers wont be doing real content they most likely wont be selling items or actual value etc.

Mercenary Badges should be another options outside silver for npc purchases, since one you cant trade or sell them and they’re character locked.

Mercenary Badges have a 200K cap, perfect there should be a box to buy silver be it 10m, 5m for the 200k or 100k with a cap of maybe 1 or 2 boxes per week could be a help to the silver issues.

The level cap is 460, but getting to level 400 is so fast you kill all content in lower levels, gear, quest and then if you try to get other items below endgame is a waste of time. the problem is some of the items in lower levels of the game are very unique and attractive, things like Five and Toy Hammer, Arde Dagger, Venom, Manama, Durandal, etc. Advancing some of the games progress makes it so hard, because you need silver, something that’s incredibly hard to get, and some of the whales, or players that horded silver beforehand still have a upper hand, the market place has dropped in inflation, yet its still an obstacle. Getting from 450 to 460 without EXP Boost, and Spamming CMs. Dungeons is almost impossible to get to.

The game only promotes party play for queue options, and raids.
A few things I’ve learned from other games that promote party play were a few mechanics that promoted party play.

  1. Party levels, when playing in a party outside of queue modes, the party itself gains exp and boost things like loot, exp, and party buffs.

  2. Parties in a certain area, spawn things like Party mobs, party elites, and party “giants” where these monster are harder, have better drops exp. and only spawn when party players are adjacent to one another.

  3. Solo party. sounds weird but a full party gives a 5% exp for each member when they’re in a party regardless of location but they don’t get the benefits of the previous mentions.

Items and Gear

The Goddess Inventory/Menu System is great.

in ToS Mobile there was a item leveling feature that was golden, that system could be implemented in the game for lower level items, getting replicas to increase the weapon level and stats, I.e 270 can be upgraded to 315, 350, 380, 400 etc. increasing the stats, and special effects. weapons like Toy Hammer, could scale up, maybe increase the Stats, and the unique effect to change from every 5th hit to maybe 10th or 15th hit to do 500% more damage etc.

Public classes should have been a thing.

Class balances, and skill changes, Some of these class changes are absurd, I.e. Thaum and Enchanter, putting a Fixed amount of Atk damage in such a low amount is a slap in the face, it should at least be a percentage that way it scales with weapons that you work so hard to get.

classes like Pyromancer has been CONSISTENT throughout the updates and had minor changes that nerf its ability, meanwhile alchemist, sage, chrono, Bokor have been pretty much useless.

Also Why does RuneCaster have a Non, Psycho, Earth synergy, but when using giants it can only use runecaster skills? when it use to be able to use wizard at least. that should be fixed, or change to at least use synergized elements.

Why isn’t Pandemic a Magic Circle?

Weapon Score is cool and all, but it creates another barrier of endgame content. that new HG, with a 470 score you’re practically useless there. I’ll hit mobs for millions of damage outside that map, but 5 digit damage on monsters that have hp in the tens of millions.

Enchant rounds, Fire and Ice, could have been more useful instead of removing them you could have treated/utilized them more, like instead of proc-ing per hit, could have changed to per attack, lower the weight, and made them a staple in daily play.

some skills especially on sage are so weak and small in aoe like there’s no trade off for that. then you have to manually target them, they should be auto target with splash damage instead.

Magnum Opus and Alchemist crafting hasn’t evolved one bit.

Collections… oh gosh.

The Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White gems are cool but you changed so much since you took them off the armors, you could make them have the stats from the armor as well, like have Yellow had Defense or Critical Damage.

Once you have achieved max level for classes you should be able to get another class, maybe a “public” class.

Boss cards, haven’t aged well. + 300 is miniscule on the scale of the game has gone. Maybe have a boss card upgrade where you have 3 Lvl 10 cards can upgrade them to a new card.

Some classes, don’t work well with others and that makes some sense, but for classes like Zealot where the skills look like magic, but they’re physical, yet you have Chaplain where the class is AA based yet you can switch to magic, makes no sense.

some classes should be shared, Taoist was cleric in the beginning and should be shared, with cleric at its original state, and have some differences depending on the base.

Chronomancer… Completely useless. What is this?

Thaum/linker was a great farming class. Gone

Why doesn’t Alchemist Potion skills, scale with stats. And Why does the Arts for alchemist potions craft a potion that people can just get from the Popo shop? you should at least make the potions better than what’s already available for free. Combustion should also have an art or something that increases the range and targets by either using more of the tribute items, or increase with the rarity or level of the item ie Red Flowers or Round Emblems are more effective than hanaming petals . the Alchemist Missile is pretty much Energy Bolt, that should be buffed a bit more maybe have a similar function with combustion and the alchemist workshop. Psychokino has an attribute that improves teleport for wizard something like that could be added to alchemist, maybe when teleporting an explosion occurs on both locations?


Classes like Enchanter before the recent nerf should have a stall buff system too.

Enchant fire was destroyed.

Cryomancer should have a preset for setting ice wall pattern on double tap.

some of the vaivora gear could have easily been an art, ie. Necrosis for Pandemic,

and Gem Stone Feud with the same gear has to have a bug, where players are using their own gear, cause playing that mode, i would get melted by other players, and I’m barely doing any damage, and i have max arts, and attributes.

CM Queue have pretty much become mission mode. and Dimensions have become the new CMs. all these Modes, have become more daunting than joyful.

Secret classes should have more synergy with classes within the same tree at least. Shinobi being the only class that works the most with the other classes.

Seems like 2H Sword is the only viable build or at least the most popular.

Tanks are useless, cause the game focus on DPS, the structures of a party are just all dps builds when possible.

Nak Muay just doesn’t work w̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶m̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶w̶o̶r̶d̶s̶m̶a̶n̶ ̶c̶l̶a̶s̶s̶e̶s̶.̶ The attributes are lazy, for the class has no synergy options, the arts are ok at best.

Swordsman Mount classes only work with other mounts. Cataphract, Hackapell, Lancer other classes work with them but being on a mount to use there skills makes them limited.

Archers its seems its a cycle of the best archer classes, first Mergen was strong, now Arbalester is the new mergen. Appraiser… trash.

ToS is Disney Land You get rewarded at the gate, but you need to pay to further progress.


Because you have low attack bruh
It is percentile. You are just desperately finding reasons to flame on the game.

All I see at the moment is a bazillion instance dungeons for a bazillion items to farm that takes an hour to fill the queue (if you’re not stuck alone for a day) and that you can only do a few times per week. The early game (up to level 400) is a joke, but at least it’s consistent. After that, there is such a gap (until 460) that they needed to actually GIVE players everything they needed to fully equip their main characters so they could actually play. And if you want to make an alt after that, you’re completely screwed unless you’re willing to farm Varna and Legenda again until you reach 460 again. So boring…

“Flame on the game”

So what constitutes Gem Stone Fued with NPC Armor and still not doing damage with max Attributes and arts, even with “Metabuilds”

Im sharing my observation of the game, your “get good” comment is unnecessary.

IMC’s solution to that is to remove the content.

Just passing by to remind you about an important thing on the scout support fiasco. They weren’t going to rework those classes, they were going to delete them and replace with completely new classes that happened to have the same name and costumes.

You can’t pick a class that that has 90% support type skills and turn it into a class that has 90% dps skills and say it’s the same (they didn’t even made it into DPS+utility skills, just raw damage). Thaumaturge had its theme (size manipulation) removed over some sort of telekinesis. What IMC tried to do was to kill the dedicated support playstyle from the game based on the stupid excuse that flagbot build was full support and was too strong. No matter how much these classes need a rework, that can’t be done by taking away the only other playstyle option the game offers.

I don’t believe they ever said this, nor was it the case. It was always better to have an actual, geared DPS in your party instead of a “flagbot.” That build was simply a cheap, easy investment for players to enter end-game content with due to its relatively high power it adds to the party and low gear requirement.

Regardless, this has been resolved now because as stated, many new buffs (such as Swell Hands) scale off of the equipment of the player using the skill. Without gear investment, the buffs are not as powerful. This doesn’t mean they are weak though, as you can easily give any player many thousands of ATK with the new skills and it can be quite potent. This is still not an excuse to be a “full support” though and do zero damage (aside from healers). You simply will not contribute enough compared to any DPS. IMC’s vision and design is to include these support skills alongside an actual DPS build.

This was all based on the whole new “common class” idea. They wanted every build to be DPS (it even meant zero healers) with the option of adding some support. This would also help ensure players have a lower chance of creating builds that simply cannot operate in end-game, among other reasons. Because the common class system was dropped, those reworks were dropped. IMC changed their design vision and it also caused them to change their design for future content (such as Vasilisa).

The only time that many players actually played the content was when it was so rewarding it would be silly to ignore it. This was back when you needed the mercenary badges very badly for blessed gems and there were not good sources of mercenary badges.

The content has been modified many times over many months, and yet it has remained extremely unpopular in all regions. It is quite clear that players do not enjoy the content, it is difficult to balance and takes work to maintain, and it also adds noise because it does multiple server-wide announcements every day for something nobody even participates in. They would rather work on updating the existing PVP modes that people actually play instead of spreading out the playerbase.

If anything, they should be commended for having the will to simply abandon the content and delete it. There are many systems and content in this game that should simply be removed in order to reduce player confusion.


I wasn’t able to find the dev post that had an output ratio comparison between a 1:4 party (FS/DPS) and a 0:5 party. It stated that the first one was able to outperform the second yet it had some logical inconsistencies (on what was a full support build or the DPS output compared to a full DPS character), which wouldn’t make any sense unless they took “flagbot” as the full support build standard, which was also the hottest party buffer at time.

They only mention the build (2.1) once, saying it is more effective than having another full DPS character in party.

They could still ship those changes without the common class system, as they also ditched the cleric reworks that were going to follow it (that weren’t confirmed as part of the common class system). The main point there is that is questionable, to say the least, to rework support classes into almost pure dps classes regardless of how or where they were going to be used. It would be different if these skills had some support value (even if lower) somewhere, like reducing enemy stats, had some condition to trigger a buff (like some version of Divine Stigma) or even just some control component.

Those two elements converge into Corsair’s structure - a “support” class that only owns a single support skill and proved itself as a huge success case for their proposed reworks. It was never explicitly said that “flagbot” was a major factor on it but it’s been heavily implied.

i thought flagknight gonna flag your disappointment style post
i recalled flagknight here is easily triggered and hardly take bad opinions about the game
well imo you dont have to write that much just to say that for you the game isnt appealing anymore as it was in the beginning because many people think so and realized it even sooner than you
or as if my own opinion say the game is boring already and the development is not satisfying ever since rebuild, or maybe ever earlier than that
thats enough to conclude it
kinda remind me with luna online and luna plus where the game finally shutdown not long after luna plus

what? you flagknight cant take my opinion? fine just flag it
its not like i care
this simpleton of flagknight trying to hide things is just one thing that makes this game doesnt improve they love hypocrites

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I feel lazy now that they nerfed silver gain so much I can’t even gamble anymore O,O gawd IMC at least bring back level dungeon silver ooof …my gambling needs must be sustained or I’ll have relapse XDDDD

it just an easy silver sink method by IMC. But, the current gacha seems good for me to keep gamble since I want to upgrade my crown. Tho, I still wish some of the materials they give is something in the gacha is something cheaper to get via goddess gacha, hard to obtain outside gacha system, and worth to get but not necessary to have it.

but hey, 50k per try now.

Man I’m just so happy that I quit this game in June by deleting all my stuff & whole team, it was a big waste of time and now it has become even more apparent; I wonder what is keeping the about 2000 players left playing, there is literally nothing that makes the game as enjoyable as it once was in 2016.
IMO they should’ve cancelled any plans on new raids and made raid content only for the daily and weekly boss raid, while putting out more exploration content with new dungeons and hunting grounds,since field content is much more forgiving as endgame options than focusing on instanced raids where you can only play together with 4 other people.
Then people wouldn’t be so sour about the general lack of balance, and IMC wouldn’t have to come up with new plans to destroy classes/remodel them so they can actually raid.

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Even after those awesome freebies on the Hot Week event, I find it hard to do end-game content. It seems the players that are left are in this game are - in their vast majority - veteran players with some kind of “elitism” behavior that does not accept any build that is not meta or people with “freebie equips”. And it’s impossible to progress on this game doing solo stuff, unless you whale your way.
Really now, I keep coming back to this game over and over just to be disappointed every time.

dont regret time you ve been wasted
been hiatus longer and i still remember some of good time i had like hunting world boss which now turn into instance like WBR, hunting gears and its mats from field mobs, hunting treasure and solving puzzle side quests alike etc
most of them are discontinued, gone or turn into something else that for me rather boring

i`ve once looked back into my old video i captured, hunting world boss, roaming through maps, finding its spawn location with my friends, personally aiming for first hit and last hit spot, aiming to be in top 5 party
i would say this old world boss mechanic have more mmo feeling to it, hunting in field, roaming, massive battling, too bad imc and ktos say otherwise
its nostalgic but the fun part is no longer there so its just one among many reasons why im not interested to get back to game
just to occasionally check in case my favorite class/build have something cool but nada, still felt abandoned, especially compared to metas

i read there was new roaming like feature added, bounty hunt some sort, but i already judged its not as fun as i imagined simply because i just read, theres no promotional video or such officially or even perhaps community content to better advertise it to give it value “we got new stuff, its worth to try, here are some awesome parts”, maybe im not look hard enough, or maybe im just not that interested
the thing is when i read its “solo content” and its details gives similar vibes to another game feature which is too much instance-y or too quest-y i already give up to try, or even look more about it

the only thing to regret for me personally is how this game turn out to be

though i can conclude,

the game state is really personal taste.

theres still some people who surprisingly satisfied with current situation
good for ya,
but not me


There’s a current problem I found yesterday after playing my old main for a while (the one who was level 460 with obsolete Varna equipment which received the freebies to upgrade to current endgame equipment): when I tried to level up my second character, which I was using for CM/DS/WB and such, to upgrade from Glacia to Godess equipment, I simply can’t scratch any of the episode 13 mobs, and it’s even worse in CM (takes 5 minutes to kill a single mob, 50k% SFR skills do like 10k damage out of 5 mil HP). This basically means I have nowhere to get exp except from daily dungeon, and that’s like 1% per run. At this rate, it’ll take weeks to level up back to 460. Seems the devs adjusted difficulty to Goddess equipment without considering the leftover chars that aren’t exp 460 yet. Meanwhile, my level 460 one has over 1000 exp cards (level 15 to 18) that I can’t use (because char bound) and that I’m now told that I can DISCARD them. This is absurd. If level will be capped at 460, then those cards should be team storageable so we can use them on chars that need them…

Another huge problem with current state is that each patch screws mouse mode even further. When I started playing four years ago, it was easy to navigate and move/target mobs with mouse, so I didn’t even bother learning how to play with keyboard only and it was fine for more than two years. In late 2019 came a first patch that changed how mouse was handled and it already made more difficult to play with mouse (not mentioning all the quests where interactable objects couldn’t be clicked with mouse and required switching to keyboard to interact with). But latest Goddess patch literally made mouse unplayable: endless shops in towns attracting all movement clicks, raids/boss fights bloated with summons/AoEs/interactable objects… It has come to a point where you simply can’t click to move and to target at the same time – you either have to stay put to cast your skills, move around hoping your skills will target what you aim and not be wasted at some random location, or grow a third hand to press the arrow keys to move while you use your other two hands to target and cast.

I’ve submitted a ticket to improve mouse mode (simply mapping moving to left mouse button and targeting to right mouse button should do the trick), but I don’t have much hope, seeing how many of my tickets have been answered with a bot response :frowning:

What are you talking about?

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