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TOS and long-term invest: if Master Classes/circles were a thing, how should they look like and how should they affect the class/play style?

With the recent lv increase of goddess armor and vaivora weapons, IMC wants us to focus on a single class. How would you want to see a master class implemented, and what should it do?

Complement the strengths of the class?
cover the weaknesses?
Change the game play (like the vaivoras do?) and build options?

One thing I’d like to see is an increase in class levels and a reset of the class level to 1 so you have to regrind the whole class, allowing for more adjustments while preventing people to just change the master class on a whim without consequences.

Master classes should have an increased class level of 60 and earn so-called master points instead of skill points from class level 45 onward that can be used to train skills beyond the limit via quests.
The first quest will be training with the Retiarius master, allowing your skill to gain special experience when used in battle. Only a single skill can be trained at a time, and once it has earned enough battle experience, you can rank it up by completing a quest of your choice at the class master (recycling old class master quests is possible).
Every quest has a different skill reward on completion, allowing you to unlock additional perks for the skill and costs different amount of mastery points. Skills can be strengthened up to 3 times and each strengthen gives access to more expensive mastery options:

Here are some possible choices:

After strengthening one time:
1 mastery point: decreases SP consumption by 30%; increases AoE by 20%; increases maximum target number by 2; decreases animation delay by 30%

After strengthening two times:
2 mastery points: changes attack type of the skill (for example strike -> slash); changes casting skills into channeling skills and vice versa; increases skill factor by 10%

After strengthening three times:
3 mastery points: increase maximum skill level by 3/2/1 (depending on when you learn the skill, class lv 1 skills will gain a lvl limit increase of 3, class lv 16 skills one of 2 lvls and class lv 31 skills one of 1 lvl; you still need to spend skill points to level them up afterwards); decrease cool down time by 10%; increase buff duration by 30%

and more options

You can spend all mastery points on a single skill, but that will net you only as many benefits as you can afford,since good effects are expensive and you only get a total of 15 mastery points.

You will also get access to an exclusive master class store at the class master, offering you certain benefits.
For one, you can buy a class skill gem collection item called “mastery pouch” that allows you to collect all skill gems of your class, and once it is completed and equipped, it increases every skill level of your classes skills by 1 permanently (does not stack with gem effects equipped on armor/weapon or Divine Might buff; goes into the special class costume equipment slot).
You can also synthesize a special legend card of your class master to equip into your legendary card slot.
It’s effects are blank and can be copied from any other legend card in the game by fusing cards together.
A master legend card can hold up to 2 effects at 50% of the original card value (for example, you can fuse zaura and nuaele card to have +5% magic defense and +5% physical defense per star as the class master cards effect).
The master shop will also allow you to buy one master point reset item per month to retrain your character in case you are not satisfied with the outcome of your training. Note that you have to retrain any skill that has been reset this way, including completing the quests.

You can also buy exclusive items related to the class master like housing items, speech bubbles, emoticons,etc.

That’s it so far from my side, feel free to add your ideas and discuss the topic of possible master classes, the development of the vaivora case and other specialization-related topics below that can be included in a discussion about mastering one class.

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