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Top 5 Most Wanted Classes In Tree of Savior

Video Description :

:white_check_mark: Builds Mention in The Video :white_check_mark:
➤ Druid, Crusader, and Exorcist:
➤ Priest, Oracle, and Dievdirbys:
➤ Thaumaturge, Enchanter, Corsair:
➤ Pyromancer, Elementalist, and Taoist:
➤ Ranger, Fletcher, and Mergen:
➤ Cannoner, Matross, and Hunter:
➤ Doppler, Barbarian, Blossom Blader:
➤ Dragoon, Cataphract, and Lancer:
➤ Matador, Murmillo, and Peltasta:
➤ Hackapell, Catapgract, and Retiarius:
:white_check_mark: Tantalizer Solo Video :white_check_mark:
➤ Legend Lepidoptera Junction - Normal Mode Tantalizer Solo:
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 0:36 | Introduction
➤ 0:37 - 3:24 | First Build
➤ 3:25 - 4:16 | Second Build
➤ 4:17 - 5:16 | Third Build
➤ 5:17 - 7:39 | Fourth Build
➤ 7:40 - 9:35 | Fifth Build
➤ 9:36 - 10:38 | Bonus Builds

Video Link :


i want to comment on fletcher mergen part from shared link above, a very subjective based-on-experience comment:
-DMA is good now, and better in the future with DMA ART, so preferable max it lv 10
-barbed 15 is only good with vaivora bow -reinforced bowstring

-arrow sprinkle 10 is only good with vaivora bow -orbital arrow (so either you max barbed arrow OR max arrow sprinkle, cant be both, unless you can provide both vaivora bow ichor)
-Triple arrow minimum lv 5 to be able to use Triple arrow:TRIPLE attribute, which literally triple your triple arrow damage at AAR 20
-downfall at itos now is weak, easy to end abruptly if you are too far away from your target and trigger ataka with its tiny SFR 225%. At ktos downfall become stronger after using downfall art AND goddess armor channeling
-spreadshot at itos is mergen best skill, instant cast, hit area, high DPS, spammable, better max it lv 15


@7aniki Decided to show Fletcher Mergen today around, what a coincidence. Going to let this one here instead of making a new post then. Mine is already with the Orbital Arrow Vaivora Bow aiming to the future changes Mergen will get


orbital arrow really better than reinforced bowstring in term of bossing too? :sob:

Can someone explain to me the last build? (Hackapell>Cataphract>Retiarius)
Is this a PvP build?

As for now, nope. Guaranteed 5hit Barbed Arrow is still king in bosses until we see that new Channeling Downfall change

Yes that’s the PvP build. Hackspell - Cataphract - Retarii build combination is pretty tricky. You have to dismount to use Retarii spells’ (netting enemy + pull in, and use everything), and then mount again for Hackspell + Cataphract. Not a lot of players use this build, but it’s fun in Gemfeud/GTW/PvP. Mounting/Dismounting + controls are probably the hardest part of the build, but you’ll have high movement speed while mounting with Trot to get close to enemies and net them with Retiarius.

There is also Hackaspell - Blossom - Barbarian as well if that’s something else that you’re interested!

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