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Too boring, teleport bot, macro bot, and HG only for bot

Hello @SomeoneLikeMe,

We will monitor the reported account/s. Thank you.

oh GM, bot still alive bro

Hello @SomeoneLikeMe

We are in the process of reviewing the provided video evidence. When we have verified the bot activity we will take action as soon as possible.

ambiguous answer as always, eh?
give me a deadline, is 1x24h enough?
and what action you will take? because doing nothing is apparently your frequently selected course of action!
how soon is your as soon as possible? 5 minute?

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good to know : when everybody has left the game, at least there still will be bots playing it since no one bans them
i wonder if imc will keep making p2w cash shop items for them ?


Still alive. Too boring. 72h is too long to wait any actions from GM. BUT NO, fck


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eh?? the same player as this channel owner? wow!

IMC bot still alive. what are u doing ?

Imagine such nice looking game with fun battle system being killed by its own company, because they promote botting and cant fix the lags. Yet, they dare to focus on making android version and spit on entire playerbase on every possible occasion. Pathetic.


soon legal bot 4hr per day

They can’t ban anyone without the approval from the Korean main office, so give up.

Mods are completely incompetent in their jobs. It really is IMC’s fault overall. Remember that they won’t even claim they have bots. They call them “24-hour hardcore.”

IMC is killing their own game.
IMC is killing their own game.
IMC is killing their own game.

IMC just don’t care about bots. Because bots keep the game alive. Lol.

Switching to other mmorpg with more than 20 guild mates.