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Token Changes and Anviling Suggestion


Hello I’m old player returning back after hearing about RE:Build and I will like to post some of the reasons why me and some friends left in first place and ideas on what can be done.

Firstly, one of the reasons we left the game and that I haven’t heard about much, is the neccesity of having many characters for farming Lengendary Raids/Salus. Many of us just want to invest in one character and be able to fully play the game with that character, we don’t have the time, neither the desie to play many characters(we have full time jobs and some of us families). Why is this not changed to entries per Team instead entries per Character. Even it could be a feature of a Tier 2 Token, this could be a new token that can be sold apart or as an item that upgrades your token “Tier”(for those that have storaged tokens). Put some out of combat movement speed (ms that doesn’t work on PvP modes) or other simple features, and people will buy that.

Moreover, basic token (Tier 1) can be improved as well as free to play experience, remove that bullshit of needing to wait a week to level up attributes, it is frustrating. There could be something like daily rewards for token players, in a way that players are encouraged to buy tokens, but does not ■■■■ on f2p players and that could help with some of the game current problems such as:
(The next ones are some of my crazy ideas, the numbers given are only examples, I hope we can discuss them and try to make improvements, don’t take them as it)

-Safety Anvils: An anvil that lets you echant up to +11(for weapons) without failure, this only can be obtained by daily token rewards, it could be like 3 a month or something. This anvils will require double the silver to normal enchanthing.
-Enchanment Transfer: An item that lets you pass your enchantments to another weapon/armor of the same type and same quality with a limit of 60 levels (or something) difference between the first item transfer and the target item (in case we wanted to transfer many times), this process will destroy the source weapon/armor, cost a ■■■■ ton of silver, and transfer the echanment levels to the target equpment, also transfer lost potential, this means Target Potential = (current potential of target-(maximun potential of source - current potential of source)). These could be a rare item (1 per month) and could allow players to play the RNG game just once in a long time without the frustration of needed to pray for RNG everytime new equpment goes out.
-Other Basic Stuff: Such as att points, cm resets, etc.
Discussion about making this items tradeable or not needs to be made.
More in the comments.


Futhermore, improvement to the anviling system can be easily done by removing the “milestones” (+11/+16/+21) and redistribute the upgrade power equally, this means that any point gives you the same power and you don’t have to reach the milestone to get a real impact, for instance +15 will the almost the same as +16 but without the shinny effect, let the milestone reward be pure esthetic. This won´t affect players with high enchantments as the upgrade power will be the same.

Finally, change the Ichor system please, it sucks.


Not gonna happen :haha:
This is better than Diamond Anvil, which doesn’t exist anymore unless you’re willing to create a bunch of accounts and get a Master Blacksmith pack for 10 bucks for all of them.