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Toggle Auto Running On and Off option

It would be very nice to have this option specially for controller users … our analog sticks number one cause of malfunction is doing the >> or << motion every now and then … second is the switch weapon option.

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EDIT : Oh wait, you mean sprint? :rofl: nevermind then.

I don’t have a controller but you can try it manually yourself.

Inside hotkey_joystick.xml you may want to add something like this

<HotKey ID="AutoMove" Name="@dicID_^*$ETC_20190802_042507$*^" DownScp="HOTKEY_AUTO_MOVE()" UpScp="None" Key="<INSERT DESIRED KEY PRESS>" PressedKey="<INSERT DESIRED KEY COMBINATION>" Mode="Key" UseShift="NO" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="NO" OnEdit="NO" Category="Basic"/>

Referencing the key available from the xml itself:

JOY_BTN_N (from 1 to 12)

and so on…

can check which key is which here

The important part is somewhere in the key bindings will call the function HOTKEY_AUTO_MOVE(), it can be from anywhere.

EDIT : Oh wait, you mean sprint? :rofl: nevermind then.

XD yean sprinting, wish it was a toggled feature … I just replaced my 3rd controller … zzz

Consider buying First-Party controller like XBox One or PS :distinguished:

ahhhh need i go buy another one … im using xbox 360 … sad life …

Controller quality problem. Lend my controller to my Hulk friend, 3 days later the joystick button has no feedback anymore. Some people shouldn’t touch controller.

Btw, 360 is still a good old controller. It just overall controller quality across all model and brands, still not as good as current keyboard in the market.

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