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Tips for Boss fighting as Swordsman

I find swordsman are a lot harder to play when it comes to killing WBR and solo raid bosses than any other classes. You have to face tank boss spells and attacks since most of your skills are melee range. While ranged classes can sit back and avoid attacks and kite and dps from a safe distance. Even my scout has an easier time with some raid bosses.

Are there any tricks or secrets to boss fighting as a melee or swordsman class.

uhhh first off … try to take some time with the practice feature ( you will be dying a lot of time here XDD ) its important to learn the skills the BOSS wield and the gimmicks ( I hate the most ) … then time your invul skill ( you are immune to damage ) and the skill rotation you have ( cd and all ) …

I only go for 1b damage though ( lazy and insufficent damage )

u can summon nuelle for healing if to weak for tanking boss damage, use boss potion for reducing damage , spam 50% reduce damage from aegis potion , i think archer is harder for weekly boss because don’t have any reduce damage skill

Cries in Ataka

ataka should be like flame ground range XDDD