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Time to update your filters IMC

  • Reason for report : N-word bypass as team name.

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : NlGGER

  • Location : N/A

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : N/A

  • Evidence


Substituted “i” with a lowercase “L”.

We can’t event say reputation or jewel in-game, yet one of the most common bypass isn’t accounted for?


And thunderbolt. Dafaq is a Hunde

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it mean dog in german

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Is that an insult in german? They pretty polite when they rude

well technically it just looks like the N-word.

if these examples did not get filtered like put@ or j3w
then this N-word work-around is acceptable technically by the system.

if somebody is offended by the name, then people can just report the player for inappropriate naming.

Yeah if you call a Persona a dog/Hund it’s bad. :satisfaction:

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That’s exactly why I submitted this (after my ticket was mostly ignored).

I’m ethnically Asian but I’ve travelled enough to see first hand how racially charged that word is and there’s really no “coincidental” usage of it.

Meanwhile, reputation, jewel and thunder/thunderbolt are actually used as item/object names.

We bypass r3putation, j3wel and thndr for a completely different reason than that person.

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if IMC bans him or force change his name, then good.
but im not envisioning a player with that name would become a hardcore player tho.

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