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Time Rush vs Staff?

Time Rush (Chrono Vaivora) can boost your damage output by upto 42% - I dont know how the calculation works but wouldnt that outdamage staff in general? plus you get to use shield for more defense…

Chrono - Omnyo - Terra user here. Im not sure if im gonna get the Terra vaivora coz the effect is quite meh. So im looking for the Chrono vaivora option - effect is straight forward, and who doesnot like a passive damage boost?

Let’s start the math assuming all weapons are legendary level 440 +11 and T10.
(numbers from tos.neet)

matk[Staff]+matk[Trinket] = 16596+2085 = 18.681
matk[Rod] = 14.486

As far as I am aware, any damage dealt modifier sums with each other.
Let’s assume 2 characters have Elementalist on their builds. One has Chronomancer and is equiped with the legendary weapon with the Vaivora Ichor, the other doesn’t have Chrono and is with Staff+Trinket.
And they have the same skill equally leveled (max level, attribute enhance level 100, max Art, all the good stuff).
Let’s ignore the difference of INT, to make our numbers easier to calculate.
Elementalist has a passive attribute which increases damage dealt by Fire, Ice, Lightning and Earth properties by 9% with both weapons. Because all Elementalist’s skills are of these elements, this is a passive +9% damage modifier.
Now, the only difference is their weapon.

The damage calculation would be:
(Magic Attack)x(1+sum(damage modifiers))xSFR
So, to the numbers:

Rod with Time Rush
14.486x(1+0,09+0,42)=14.486x1,51 = 21.873

Answer: yes, it is a damage increase when used by Elementalists to deal damage with their skills. Of 7,4%.

The same case can be said about any other class, but Elementalist was used just as an example. And, as the bonuses stack with other modifiers, this damage-increase is smaller.

But now a question: are you willing to use a “class slot” with a full-support class to increase the damage of the other 2, when you could have 3 offensive classes instead, all-out on the damage department?

On top of that, the class is not that interesting. The theme is very attractive, I really like it. However casting time reduction is not such a hazard in TOS as it is in other MMOs, so people don’t bother to pick Chronomancer because of that. Slow is, right now, only interesting in PVP scenarios, and, even so, you want to trigger Lethargy instead, a debuff on the target’s defenses and damage output. Backmasking is a very interesting skill to use, but requires practice and only very specific skills interact with it. And the class was nerfed really hard thanks to its real deal in the past: Pass.
On top of that, only Slow and Quick Cast do not have consumables, which were abolished in 90% of the skills of the rest of the classes. And they are fairly expensive to use all the time.

TLDR: Vaivora -Time Rush is really good as a damage up. But Chronomancer needs the Vaivora to be something right now on PVE. You will still have fun, but the Vaivora is almost a must.
But, on PVP/GVG scenarios, the thing changes completely.

Maybe, I hope, with the reworked wizard class tree just released on kTOS, it becomes a really good option PVE. But because Backmasking and Rod+Dagger is really strong with the Vaivora.


you can use Cryo + shield for even more MATK, being able do bypass Staff+Trinket if my math is right

Play the way you want, stucking to the meta is boring, just be careful with Swap Weapons cause you lose your Time Rush buff. You can usa a Glacia Staff for debuff then swaping back for Time Rush for even more damage


The problem with Time Rush is that for every damage modifier you have, the bonus from Time Rush will lose efficiency where as raw attack would get affected by that extra modifier.
Glacia armor alone gives +100% damage, effectively halving the efficiency of Time Rush.

Of course all of this ignores the defense formula, which heavily favors stacking as much attack as possible.


oh right :smiley:
i just realized that. I ve been using my build for a long time but havent really used any chrono skill. Just quick cast every 30min. Even pass - im not using since my build has low cd and almost no dead air in rotation without pass.
but ill just stick to my build for a bit while im still thinking what to swap chrono out. I dont also like being a meta slave :smiley:
Thanks for the calculations and insights

To add to this post. The Terramancer vaivora effect is very strong assuming you have the critical chance to support it. It will most definitely be a lot stronger than time rush for your particular build.


Can we use the rod on switch just to buff then swap to some other vaivora?

This was a post I was about to make! Nice.

I was thinking if you could use the buff and then change weapons, but seems like you can’t, so sad…
But still, I love my Chrono

why not delete chrono + time rush of 42% dmg increase and replace with taoist (with any rod/staff option) with 40% lightning dmg bonus plus a lot of dps skill?
And since you’re a terra why not use terra staff instead?

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But have only 50% chance of activating this 40% bonus

40% chance to activate 80%, which is 32% overall. (plus tri disaster +80% more)