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Time limited loots

I hate them. (mainly because yes, something good expired for me today so I’m ranting). Never understood why some items have to be timed.

Yes, they take weeks to expire, but many things can happen outside of ToS. Why do you get penalized, for what, not playing the game…?

Yep. ToS has some tactics to indirectly “force” you to play the game, and this is one of them.

Shame on this game, no wonder less and less players play.

-rant over sorry-


The game is soon going to die so they don’t want to waste any of the items lol.

But joke aside,yes you are correct they are trying to get you to log on at least or maybe they are concern about players being too overweight due to the hording of items lol.

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for me, its fine… I got no problem with limited time items… tsk tsk tsk

im guessing since these are all freebies, they don’t want players stacking them, since they do give out a ot of these timed items. im fine with that though.

its better than timed costume.
beside they also remind you when you logout if any item almost dead.

Only within 24 hrs though

Never had I have issues before. And for sure this is not an issue with active players.

Maybe I am just burnt out of this game, farming forever. There is no static end game, and everything you worked hard for, everything you have been farming for the past months, become fruitless.

There is just no more real satisfaction ToS has to offer (atleast for me). Playing ToS feels more like a duty I have to fulfill on a daily basis without proper returns.

Anyhow thanks guys I admire you all


As someone with a hectic schedule, this is a problem.
They gave so much during the key event, but sadly most of it just expired due to me having other irl stuff to attend to.


i got this moment many times not only for playing tos but many other online game
its a sign to retired a bit like me
be back in like 2 months to really play it
now im just login to grab 1k new year coin a day, fishing and afk to grab those shining golden anvils popo while i play another game
and im waiting for that gem exp penalty exemp weekend which is unclear when -_-"
help me by send ticket about this to make weekend event clearer

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Yeah I know for a fact all of us gets to this point in every game at some point. I just wished ToS was better in many aspects instead of just baiting players all the time to play their game…


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