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Tiger Hunter's Rapid Shot doesn't crit


It says that the skill is supposed to have +30% minimum critical chance vs beasts, but it never crits against beasts when you have 0% crit chance. Isn’t minimum critical chance supposed to mean you always have 30% chance to crit at the very least, no matter your crit rating?? This seems to be the consensus of how it works in the entire community, so I am assuming this skill is broken.



Video of me not critting 30% of my hits. For some reason it does crit even though I’m at 0% crit chance. I assume I’m at a value between 0% and 1% and it’s just rounded down in the display which is why I can crit. But as you can see, Rapid Shot doesn’t crit nearly as much as it should. It crits just as often as any of my other skills. (which I used just to demonstrate that I’m not critting because of Rapid Shot’s vs Beast crit chance)