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Throw spear+1 gem worth? [Black Drake]

Hi saviors i just bought a Black Drake Gem for impulse x.x

i’m wondering if it was a good spend of money…

the base damage diference is just 119 from lvl 5 to 6.

But i saw in this topic the damage formula, and the skill damage get all the multipliers, so this 119 will become a lot right?

my build is just spams throw spear, hope i did a good deal.

and in which glove i put this? i’m using vubbe gauntlets for the AOE, there is any other option for PVE farming?

thank you!

How much did you buy it for?

2.5kk on SA server, i was saving for a good damage hat.

I think that much is fine, I saw the same gem being sold on my server for x4 that, that’s borderline insanity. But for it to really matter your char must really be built so that the skill itself is what you’ll be using majority of the time. As for my char I use soul chaser glove (lol) for my build, there’s also Roxona leather gloves. It’s always nice to use gloves with x2 slots cuz you can add in a little bit of crit atk but I think its a matter of preference.

probably gonna increase the damage for a good amount since its multiplied by 3, it sells for 9m on my server (klai). The reason i don’t buy it because I am saving silver for higher dethrone attribute.

Would that stack with the spear that give hop skills+2?