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Thoughts on set effects?

Hi guys,

I was just reading the kTOS thread and got thinking about what gear to go for in the future for my Chrono-Ele-Tao. Right now I’m using Velcoffer gear and was considering getting Kraujas for it, but now I’m thinking I should wait for Varna gear/Skiaclipse raid to come out instead (though it doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade?). The Smugis effect is similar to Kraujas so I should probably go for that, though I’m not crazy about how it scales with the opponents HP.

On the other hand, Savinose/Korup could potentially be better than Kraujas or Smugis, but I’m not sure I have enough debuffs for it to really pay off. I think it’d be best in parties when other people are using debuffs as well, but I’m not sure how it’d be for solo play when I have like 3-4 debuffs on my own.

Honestly I’m just kinda overwhelmed with information at this point and I don’t know what to do next in terms of gear progression. It might be a little to soon for me to be thinking about it since Skiaclipse isn’t even out yet, but I figured I’d see what people thought anyways. I appreciate any input or suggestions, thanks for reading my wall of text!