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This place is like a graveyard lately (Potatoes)

This potato… All i can hear it saying is"‘This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and withheld permissions twists all our arms collectively, but if sweetness can win, and it can, then I’ll still be here tomorrow to high-five you yesterday, my friend. Peace.’’

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The ones looking for the after party :grin:, i usually leave before they turn off the music.

We are all waiting for the cbt2.
Even if people are not posting some (like me) are just watching the forum

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I visit the forum everyday,just wait for the next cb announcement.

Well considering CBT is currently over, it would be obvious it would die. People were excited, they got to play, now there’s nothing to do. The only thing people can do is make a million topics either about bullshit or WHEN IS THE NEXT CBT.

A.k.a. there’s nothing to talk about now.

Just like how people said, I guess it’s just because so much’s been discussed we don’t got stuff to discuss anymore. I’m sure that once more information comes out of IMC’s mouth we’ll get more activity around here.

We potato of savior now tho.

well there wasnt any official news since the end of the first closed beta, so its kinda normal that not many people keeps on posting.

Thought that was a cookie at first.

That does it. I’m fappin’ to all those nude potato pics.

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I hope they give us news, I mean any kind of news ill be happy.

I thought that was the point of the thread… get naked and potato? :smiley: Also, I’m actually really hungry from this topic now. You guys should put a warning in the title saying “Don’t read unless you want to get hungry for potatoes”


This thread is complete MADNESS !!

I like that …

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In the spirit of going full potato… here is a little shout out to my fellow Canadians


I wanna try poutine so bad! It looks delicious…

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These potatoes are bringing the community together :smile:

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I truly believe potatoes can solve all your problems.


Poutine needs too much effort to make, here have some of this instead, easy and simple to make, Bacon wrapped sweet potatoes!

and yes, potatoes are bringing the community closer together

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I come on here every day hoping for some news for next beta… alas… it is not here yet…

It does? The white bits are cheese right? I NEED TO KNOW D:
Aren’t there different variations? I’m really wondering why America doesn’t have this.

Yes,yes,and yes.Give me some ranch and I’m set :heart_eyes:.

Here,have some delicious cheesy ranch potato bake!

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Don’t panic, there are Potatoes for everyone!

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