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This is Rather Disturbing

That’s my point?
Pedophilia has nothing to do with Japan or culture, it exists everywhere.
It’s still wrong and one of the worst things in our world tho.

Your phrasing seems… abit misleading. My bad.

so why the new set of items just gonna sit in my inventory

[quote=“Raspy, post:56, topic:215908, full:true”]
Ever heard of Fatal1ty? Names that condone violence are common. So yeah the violence fantasy goes to avatars, names, etc. Probably be rarer to see pictures of real death or real gore for avatars or sprays. But we’re not talking about real children here either. I got a guy with a headshot avatar on my steam list another in army fatigues.

Do you live under a rock?
[/quote]In some countries apparently nudity is more serious than violence.
Even though the latter involves life more.
Apparently someone hiding inside their room looking at exposed pictures is more dangerous than images of people being shredded to pieces being advertised.
It’s a cultural difference - the people who favor violence over nudity can’t get it over their head why is violence related media disgusting and nudity is less of a big deal compared to that.

‘violence vs nudity’ is a pretty popular google search term.

You will still get those collection boxes, but you just need 1 of each to unlock the collection so just discard them if you find them annoying, at least that’s what I did.

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yea it’s " annoying " LOL… i wonder if it’s really intended this way as back in ICBT2 it wasn’t.

Yeah, it really is all about culture. And that’s really the part I don’t like. It’s not about what protects kids. It’s about what the most vocal or the richest people think are ok. Even if they’re untrained don’t have a lick of psychology or sociology training in their lives. And can’t back up any of their views.

You see laws because of this that do straight harm even because of the culture’s perception. Like in the US right now we got states throwing teens in jail cause they mailed pictures of their junk or their rack over their cellphones to other teens. And our legal system charges them like they’re producing the stuff to sell it. And that’s not protecting kids or teens from child abuse doing that. It’s just messing up our kids lives cause the culture supports it.

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That doesn’t have much to do with saying you shouldn’t go around flaunting your love of loli, though.

You know… You’re not wrong… This sort of thing triggers people. It’s about the same as walking around with the name Trump2016 saying they want to build a wall. It’s poor taste for a gamer forum even if it’s legal where you’re from. Gets the soccer mom types to start a fight. And than the freedom of expression and 1st amendment hippies and libertarians jump into the mess. And then you end up with this thread. And pissed off people on all sides.

Yeah, I personally don’t care what anyone is into as long as it stays in their bedroom and their browser history and isn’t hurting anyone who didn’t consent to being hurt. But if you don’t want the government in your bedroom or your browser history, you should keep your private life private to begin with. Otherwise you end up with offended Christians and ridiculous obscenity laws.

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You guys are reading too much into it. Just visit any anime/games or any general forums where people chill there will definitely be 1-2 threads about lolis and stuff. There are people who are just into cutesy girls and stuff even if you don’t. As long as it’s not NSFW who cares.
If you dislike the topic, don’t step into the thread, simple. And all he did here was crack a little joke… resulting in being told to die. Wow humanity…

Hi @TicTacMinion! Please kindly watch your words :slight_smile: we do not allow posting offensive/inappropriate words on our forum!


Oh I don’t want to look like I’m on that guy’s side or anything. I’m just saying there is an argument to be made that if you don’t want to get ■■■■ for your fetishes you shouldn’t air them out, because maybe the people around you don’t want to be subjected to what you’re into. Yeah it’s all fine and good because it’s cutesy loli stuff, but that might be extremely repulsive and unsettling to a lot of people just as much as if I named myself CorpseLicker and went around posting about how I want to murder your family members and sodomize them posthumously.

Your posts have been more harmful to the community than someone’s nick.
Please watch your behavior and stop derailing the topic any further than it is.

Or, as they say, get out of here.

It’s a forum, people can post whatever opinions/interests they have.

That is already expected, just like how I insult retards when they create a redundant stupid thread just to whine. Being insult for being “weeb” or into lolis is expected. But being ask to die and insulted over false accusations is not. That was the whole argument about if you read it.

Even if you insult Lolilicker, do you think he would stop posting loli images? No. Unless the moderators said so. It’s for fun end of the day. And as I said, if you hate that particular topic, don’t step into it. Why would you even… unless your entire intention is to insult.

oh so people like lolilicker and his pedophilia intimations are allowed, but my opinion isn’t?

ALL ABOARD THE BOT TRAIN! Choo Choooooo!~ Desu!

Mods, please lock this topic…

that mob got whacked right there… lol expect more of this when f2p release, especially in sea server.

its a joke. welcome to the internet.

pic related my browser tabs: