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This is how the support team deal with problems here

I started playing tree of savior this last 2 days and its a frustrating experience heres why first off i got to download a huge file for 80 hours isp in the philipines is not fast then after playing 26 hours of the game i keep receiving this daily silver limit issue a guy post a guide how to authenticated my tos account via phone so i bought a smarphone installed the app use the mobile authenticator then again i still have the same error and heres the reply i got from the support team and now i know why the game is already dying they can’t fix their own error what they only know is give free items thats pretty much it i have the proof that the support team is not really helping!

dude, I had a game breaking issue and the support just want me to uninstall some dlc (which arent the problem in my case) and check steam validity multiple times (like it would magically cure itself). the support didn’t even reply to my last ticket until I replied to a thread which has a similar problem. The reply? support ultimately want me to redownload the game. Heck I found the solution to my problem in reddit.

thanks guys, I ALMOST re-installed ToS due to nostalgia but damn, they haven’t improved their game since 2018

well the game actually improved. but the GM and support aren’t able to catch up.

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idk how did it improve but the size seems humongous, the game is slower and the fps are all a mess… i can’t even handle Ch2 with just 60ppl… srsly wtf they did to the game?

the game is good the only thing holding it back is the lousy support and the lousy admins!!!