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This channel is full. Map Letas Stream

Why channel is full all the time in map Letas Stream

Quest Shinobi Class

how many players do you see? did u ask them what they are doing on that map? :blush:

they are doing on that map ?

you said map channel is always full, if you see player in Letas Stream, ask them why they on that map. maybe you will know why it is full

Nobody said what they did.

The map doesn’t exist anymore. Patch notes said you would get warped to Orsha in that case, but I guess it’s another bug…

Mission route, what should I do?

Did you manage to get the quest done ?

One left. I want “Liquefied Dissolvent” in the map Letas Stream

NPC : Shinobi “Disappear”

Some people sell 30 bg (no money)

I can trade 8/2/2021

Feeling a dead end for new players

Letas Stream Map is un-accessible. How can new players finish Shinobi quest?

by going to the new map to get the reward/item for the quest

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@offthegod here is your answerr!
thank you @nery_ma

Thank you very much. :smiley:

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