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Thinking about starting again

Hey, i played ToS like three Years ago, when my Dievdirby 3 was top notch Support Dmg with owl. The time the Linkerclass was in another tree.

As i am thinking of starting again, whats a fun but still managable Skilltree to go? Any class is fine. I’m going to play it casualy but i still want to do either decent dmg or be of use in Partys. I am solo most of the time, and i just had experience in the Cleric - Priest - Diev 3 - Plague Tree.

Is the skilling the same, so you choose how long you want to invest in a job (3 times max)?

Tanks in advance!

You can still play as diev, one of the best supports ever. But for full support when playing inside a party. If you want to go diev DPS you’ll have some problems because people won’t like it very much. So, you still can be a diev DPS if you want to play solo or with friends.
If you like clerics, you can go:

Diev - Miko - Druid/Oracle/Kabbalist [Miko is a must because clap increases statues duration. Druid stone increases instalations skills, and does the same basically and kabbalist will heal your statues].
Exo/Miko/Cruzader - Strong magic DPS
Exo/Druid/Cruzader - Strong Magic DPS
Exo/Sadhu/Cruzader - Strong Magic DPS
Diev/Oracle/Kabbalist - Strong healer
Plague Doctor/Druid/Cruzader - Strong DPS

Basically, top classes: cruzader, sadhu, exorcist, krivis, plague doctor and druid.

You have 15 points as cleric and 45 when you advance.

Hey thanks for your reply, since i am quite unexperienced with EXO, do you have a BuildSuggestion? Like specific Numbers into Skills?

Im like overwhelmed by the options of Druids. I would like to go EXO/DRUID/CRUZ

this is how i would start

Since Exorcist and Cruzaders have holy magic skills:

  • gregorate should be 10/10 because when you hit a monster with this skill, they have a debuff which will increase your holy spells.
  • Engkratea and Entity are just one point on each. This is enough.
  • Rubric is your main spell, and you have also katadikazo and aqua benedicta. Rubric lvl 15, katadikazo lvl 5 and aqua benedicta lvl 13.

For druid

  • chortasmata and thorn are your main damage spells here. max them!
  • Sterea, Lycanthropy and henge stones are your buffs. so max them as well.

For cruzader:

  • use chant [damage buff] and just press the buttons because everything here deals a lot of damage

Hello! Returning player here as well. I’m currently leveling with a KrivisDruidCruz and really like the skill set. I can kinda see how it’s not optimal and meta though considering how Exo is so much better than Krivis in terms of synergy.

Unfortunately I’m not into Exo, but very interested with PD (can’t say no to max movespeed). Can you tell me a bit more about how PD synergizes with the other 2 classes? Also if you don’t mind I’d appreciate knowing how the skills should be distributed for such a build. TIA

Well, I love krivis! It was my first character ever. I had a krivis - druid - cruz as well!
I dont think PD will synergize with the other two classes, BUT I don’t think it’s bad either lol
You have a lot of buffs for yourself and the entire party [aukuras, zalciai, melstis, lycanthropy, sterea, henge stone, healing factor, modafinil] So IMO it’s ok.
Which class would you switch to PD? Since you have krivis - druid - cruz

I’m thinking exchanging Krivis for PD. I really like zooming around (human lycan movespeed just isn’t enough).

Does that mean Krivis has more synergy with DruidCruz than PD?

How about PD with 3x Velnia Monkey + 3x Biteregina if that’s still a thing?

Thanks for the video, that’s a really nice build. All this time I was choosing between Kriv and PD…

(A) PD-Kriv-Druid looks good on paper. So does (B) PD-Kriv-Crusader. Option A has lots of debuffs and control skills which is great for both PVE and PVP. I’ve been addicted to Crusader’s nukes though.

If I am to share equipment with a Diev-Ora-Priest main using 1h+shield and cloth, which of the above builds should I go for a PVE alt?

To be honest, I think you should try what you like.
I started leveling up a new character and I went exorcist - inquisitor - sadhu. And I found it these classes combined is very fun to play with! Of course this is extremely far from meta builds and it is an alternative character but still I liked it.
Do what’s on your mind and if you need anything else you can just change later.
There are lots of events that give you classes points vouchers. So do not be afffraid. Do it and tell me your personanal experience!

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