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Thinking about additional dmg from sub weapon for classes beside scout

Hi guys, I was thinking about balancing dmg calculation for 1h weapon user. For now, I am aware that only Scout got bonus dmg from sword, but other classes using 1h weapon + sub weapon such as rapier only have dmg from rapier only, the other weapon is just stat stick. It is possible to make all classes have bonus dmg from sub weapon?
Another thing I want to implement is that, if physical dmg class got dagger as sub weapon to add bonus dmg, is it good to make a sub weapon for rod user? Such as a codex or something like that.

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ill be good but imc will make excuses like 2h weapon got bigger min max gap. true its unstable but the max is the max. like even we want stable dmg build but in tos that wasn’t relavant when multi hit skill is king and nuker got bottle cap by dmg cap. for now like rapier for instance that recently in high it got better sfr and compate with bb in a while but still they just 1 h and able to achive that without sub buf thing. so the problem wasn’t the base atk itself that lacking but the mechanic of clases

honestly the idea of wearing rod/mace on left hand and book on right hand is really ecstatic… totally into the idea :weary: sick with clerics needs to wear mace/shield combo