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There's no challenge in this game, from level 1 to 360

Besides ET high floors.

No matter what moments, Dungeons, Siauliai, Solo farm, HG, i never felt in danger, even when using gear with 100 levels or more below my level, i never felt like i was going to die, with exceptions of 10s lag spikes moments or when i was passing a 200+ above my lv map and even so i still had sure that i was going to make it.

I remember that on the CBT, enemies actually presented a certain threat and bosses were hard. Today, it doesn’t matter if i rush a level 360 toon or play my current toons, i never actually get in danger, it doesn’t matter if i just face tank or dodge perfectly with jumps and skills. It feels like i don’t have any impact in the outcome of any fight beyond ending it faster. Feels like i’m watching a movie instead of playing.

The places where you actually can have a decent challenge are generally blocked by something (ET, raid) and doesn’t give a easily-tradable reward. In order to you actually have profit from ET, you need to farm for weeks or months (in order to make the gear and sell it, since you can’t sell the materials). The only challenge in this game doesn’t reward you very well, and the rest is easily facerollable.

I think all monsters, from level 1 Kepos to level 360 mobs should have a stat rework. Increment in HP for low level mobs, global damage increase for every mob, so you actually fell like you’re fighting something instead of punching a static rubber doll that annoyingly refuses to die.

I don’t want this game to be Dark Souls or cuphead, i just want to feel like i’m being challenge by something, fell like the mobs are a real threat and that i’m fighting decent enemies, not just steamrolling everything from level 1 to level 360.


Leveling already takes too long, don’t ask them to increase the duration by making monsters tankier. PvE is always gonna be easy unless it’s made unfair, this is why you play for PvP. Even “hard” PvE is still gonna end up tedious, so just make it easy so we can get on to the part of the game that matters. Although in ToS it’s still lacking.


is that a problem? 1-360 is made for leveling, not for challenge. the “real” game starts at max level, and thats when the challenge is supposed to start. dont try to make the whole game harder and longer to level, it will just make people leave (trust me, you would know if you were here during the grid wall hell, everyone being one shotten by spions begenning)

so just wait until you get to max level if you want some challenge.
and try to understand how this games class system works pls
just because you mightve played a nice build doesnt mean that some people arent gonna go cryo3>chrono3 and have a hard time leveling, and you making imc buff monsters will just make them all quit


I’d love to see a video of you soloing HG 340 with no gear.

Or completing challenge mode 5 with no gear.


The “hard” content start at 360 (I know now its way more easy than past patches) the only thing I want from IMC with PVE content its add more end content (and some other things apart from this thread)

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I think we played different games if you never died once in tevhrin caves (3 & 4 section) or every High level maps with ranged mobs.

In some maps there is actually a difficult content but i feel it’s the wrong kind of “difficult” with archers and mages that never miss a multishot on you.

I don’t have a good memory of when Mishekan forest enemies obliterated you with a couple of attacks, i’m glad it changed

double Centaur boss when they first released r8 was brutal


I miss the days when i have to do 10202 quest to get rank 4… Now its a boring game, with nothing to do.

PS: 30 chars i have.

Yes! I loved that fight! So was that random mustache dude in the inner areas… got myself kicked so many times

ET high floors aren’t a challenge either. The only challenge was getting a party full of people who wanted to do it.

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I guess the problem is that this sort of gameplay just…doesn’t support challenging stuff. Like, they can make the monsters uber tanky, give them 23328329 knockdown skills and the ability to kill 7/8ths of your HP in a single hit but. esp w/ optimization issues, that sort of arbitrary difficulty just seems to come off as really annoying and tedious. Like…did anyone really have fun w/ the blue spion archers before they made everyone chads

Games that do support difficulty is stuff like Dragon Nest or tooooo a small extent BnS where dodging, countering, iframes, monster AI, and skill rotations are a big aspect of the higher level combat. ToS is just kinda…let your brain exit the room type of PvE.

I do agree that they shouldn’t. waste so much content though like everything being so easy makes it feel very meaningless. I really dislike the “oh everything below the last like 50 levels is just tutorial it’s not the real game” type of thing; like yeah, it is def the model, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. It’s hard to strike a balance I guess, since people’s preferences are different and some are also annoyed if they cant get to the endgame stuff quickly.

I get that people say that the "hard’ content is the endgame one, and for sure ToS need more endgame PvE content. But, by any means, the beggining should not provide any kind of challenge.

Facing a challenge, and overcoming it, is what gives the feeling of doing something right, and then comes the motivation to keep up with quests/grind.

I really miss the times when bosses where harder. I remember that I used to hate Tenet Church because of the boss at the 2F (Necroventer I guess), and then I was always formulating new plans to face him, based on the class combination of the actual character.

What the game used to have was a bad balance, given when the R8 content came, you was certanly gonna have a hell lot of problems if your weapon was not transcended and/or high upgraded.

If the developers could bring back more challenge, specially with the bosses, that would be great. As they are very frequent along the storyline quests, It would bring back the sense of accomplishment very often, specially for new players, a sense so long lost in this game

Even though I like to breeze through the level 50 dungeon when creating alts, as an example, I do feel like this is stupid, to have a dungeon that provides no challenge at all, specially if you have the basic buffs. It makes no sense, cause you can have whatever class you may want, it doesn’t matter cause you will 1 shot every monster if buffed. For me, It should give you more of the feeling of a greater “thing” (that’s why you can only access 2 or 3 times a day) that gives you a better reward, and for that you really have to work as a party in a simple way, playing the roles, not as 1hko auto attackers.

I’d definitely like to see more emphasis on challenge when it comes to group content. Leveling, IMO, is fine but dungeons and bosses shouldn’t just be a DPS race.

I’d love it if IMC made tanks and support oriented builds more relevant. As it is, the game’s all about smashing things as hard as you possibly can. It doesn’t feel like you really need your teammates. As long as you’ve got the right gear, you can solo almost any content.

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