Tree of Savior Forum

There is a problem with your account. Please contact a website administrator

This means the user was banned from the forums right? I don’t seem to find any post from that user anymore, and the user doesn’t appear in the list of users anymore. Or could it be a side effect from the last forum maintenance?

Unless it’s like some weird hiccup from last maintenance like you say, then yes the user was banned. And also like you said, any posts they made would be deleted if you get that message from your title.

This suxx. No warning, no reason for ban, nothing. Just “goodbye Charlie, A+ ma puce, don’t call us we’ll call you…”

Cannot connect via anything, can’t create another account because forum account is linked to game account (and the game account works perfectly, you can also connect perfectly to the main website and still send support tickets), can’t even contact forum admin (is there even a link somewhere?).