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Theoretical build Featherfoot-Shadowmancer-Bokor


Theoretical build Featherfoot-Shadowmancer-Bokor
Skill and combos:
Against boss
Infernal Shadow (I do not know if he takes it as a debuff)
Enervation (1st debuff)
Ngadhundi (2nd debuff)(Duration:40 CD:10)
Kundela Slash (spam)
Shadow Thorn (spam)

Blood Sucking (to recover hp)
Shadow Condensation (against mobs)
Shadow Pool (to flee like a coward)
Shadow Fetter (in case the boss moves a lot)
Other skills of bokor to make dance and explode the zombies



I’ve personally tried this build before during the reset event. One key issue that I had with it is that it really lacks AOE damage. It probably does well with single target DPS against bosses with Kundela Slash and Shadow Thorn spam but AOE wise only Shadow Condensation and Damballa is decent. If you are going to try challenge mode with this it might be an issue.



I’m using the FF-Bokor combo and it works nicely: the zombies hold the mobs, helping you get close to stab. Hexing is better than the FF curse skills and the Bwa hold mobs still while I’m on cooldown.

But it does lack AOE. That’s why instead of Shadow, I added a Pyro: the Ngadhundi debuff increases Fire damage and Zombies get stronger with Enchant Fire. Fireball and Flame Ground also apply debuffs, helping with the Kundela Slash.



Does anyone knows if Hallucination prevents the damage from Mackangdal?

I’m actually using FF-SM-Necro. I’m having a hard time adapting to necro (i have never played it before). I have way too many skills, FF-SM-Bokor (without zombies) seems easier to use. Only four skills from bokor + an easy debuff that combos well with SM. I don’t care about AoE, this is my WB hunter/boss killer



It does not but makes the clone invincible aswell for the duration, beside self stop I doubt any other wizard skill prevents mackangdal damage.

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Is the Race Status of clones created by Infernal Shadow match the host or is it set to a specific race? I’m wondering if we can use it to blood suck heal even if we’re fighting say a mutant.



Before rebuild I did some testing on this. Infernal shadow was “no element/no race/Ground-type”, doesnt matter what monster/boss you copy. Not sure if any of this was changed in rebuild though, or if my tests were correct.



urg. i changed from FF-SM-Necro to FF-SM-Bokor, now ktos is buffing necro and “nerfing” bokor… i guess i will be back to FF-SM-Necro then. I will only be using FF+SM anyway… Bokor was just for hexing and Necro for extra minion battling their own and shoggoth’s taunt + corruption.



Bokor adds more damage to the FF than Necro due to the hexing effect



Not exactly… I’m going off kToS patch notes. And as of the most recent patch Greater Corruption a debuff that before added +30% Fire/Physical dmg is being switched to +30% Poison/Physical. (all of FF spells are Poison).
Also the Hexing debuff attribute on Bokor was changed to a minimum crit rate effect for Dark type.
And Dark damage % attribute was given to FF as a passive up to 50% against cursed targets. And the dark spells FF do have were switched to Poison Attribute.

I’m unsure about Blood Curse though since I don’t have information on what attribute it was. That might be dark.



I mean that even with hexing changes is still the best way to keep curse in the mobs.

Also the new featherfoot attribute increases the dark damage, so FF + BK + WL or SM should be the best option

New Attribute
-Increases damage against [Cursed] enemies with Dark attacks by 10% per attribute level.
-Required character level 300
-Max Level: 5



Probably. Though the AoE ratio for bone pointing was getting set to 8 and the uptime of the spell increased. It’s 7 sec duration hexing effect and 35Dur/45CD. So you have some hexing coming from that.

Is necro useful for FF? Yeah if you want to upgrade FF dmg by 30% against mobs/players. I mean you can apply a corruption effect with FF as well through Slash so maybe you don’t care that much about the greater corruption from Nec. And I’m unsure whether FF corruption stacks with necro’s greater corruption (worth testing maybe, in the old days Dirty Pole Corruption and Shog Corruption were counted as separate debuffs).

My issue with all these dark kits though. Is FF suffers unless mobs are gathered for you. And there isn’t a class with gathering that really synergizes well with FF. The best option we have is demon scratch.

What are your thoughts? I haven’t played the dark direct damage classes that much mostly summoners.



With the recent changes, I was thinking there are a few ways to build a dark wizard now.

Warlock - Shadowmancer - Bokor

  • Bokor gives a minimum crit chance of 10% at max attribute level. I don’t know how significant this is. However, Hexing’s base magic defence reduction increases from 3% to 7.5% at base so I guess that is a slight buff for parties since not everyone in parties can benefit from the dark debuff. Warlock and Shadowmancer are the 2 main dark damage dealers which received some sort of buff. Invocation spirits now can benefit from Dark Theurge attributes, and if my interpretation is correct it means that they will also deal double hits like Dark Theruge? Shadowmancer + Warlock synergy is even better because Shadow Thorn and Shadow Conjuration now deals 50% and 30% more damage respectively to enemies under [Fear[ or [Blind] debuff, and [Fear] can be triggered with Masterma/Pole of Agony/Demon Scratch. This is my “dark mage” sub build now.

Warlock - Shadowmancer - Featherfoot

  • To be honest I think this would be much better because of the attribute they decided to give to Featherfoot that increases dark damage by 50% which makes no sense because Featherfoot has all poison skills. They are trying to force synergy between poison and dark class which makes no sense. I would think it would make more sense to give this to Warlock. Then again. this build probably benefit more than the earlier build. Featherfoot also gain more single target DPS and a new AOE skill (not exactly new). You lose the summons and burst from Damballa of Bokor but get a lot more offensive skills with Featherfoot.

Featherfoot - Bokor - Warlock/Shadowmancer

  • This build focus a lot more on Cursing. The previous Featherfoot build doesn’t seem to make a lot of skills that inflict Curse. If I did not misinterpret, Kurdaitcha do not Curse and that leaves Bone Pointing, which to me does not make sense because Featherfoot is suppose to get more damage from Cursed enemies but it does not have the proper skills to Curse enemies with. With Bokor, it makes Kundela slash more viable because Curse is easier to apply with Hexing. If it is that hard to Curse without Bokor, that means Featherfoot without Bokor would have a hard time keeping Curse up for Kundela slash to be used often and hence only usable against bosses when Bone Pointing is up. However, they make the AOE ratio of it to be 8 although I’m not sure how much this actually is? The last slot is an option for a Dark mage to benefit from the crit buff of Hexing and the dark damage boost from Featherfoot.

Featherfoot - Necromancer - Bokor/Shadowmancer/Warlock

  • This is to make Featherfoot benefit from Necromancer’s Corruption. That means Featherfoot skills are essentially doing 30% more damage. Not sure if Blood Curse is poison but it would be great if it is. The last slot is mainly to see if you want more curse, or more Dark damage to benefit from Featherfoot’s dark damage attribute.
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Hello, how are you? As I’m kinda new to the game, would you mind sharing this Warlock Shadow FF build?



FF will not have much dark magic synergies in the future based on KTOS thread. As a first character I’d recommend either having pyro in the build, because it is much easier to use and provides decent aoe.

At the moment dark magic synergies are not strong, because the strongest raid bosses at the moment (and even the one in the next big content patch) are dark property, and take less damage from dark property magic.

That is also shown in the popularity of the warlock builds. They are non-existent in top 100 class ranking:

Kind warning for new players in NA:

Do NOT join Forbidden. Otherwise big daddy’s drama awaits you.

Guild master afk farms.

Photoshop dramas

and more to come after you join.



50% more dark damage seems to you little, if you go to information at least try to give it correct



I am currently playing with a FF-Bokor-Warlock for the hexing spell, which makes it easier for the FF to cause curse. But for the next patch the FF could cause coursing with enervation and blood curse so bokor would no longer be necessary.

I would wait for the patch to start that build since it would be much easier and fun.



It is indeed not enough for me. When I saw that on the patch I was like meh… But that’s my personal opinion from testing boker shadow warlock on my main at Velcoffer raid. You are certainly free to disagree. I think it’s more healthy for OP to see two sides of arguments.

My apology for not having the numbers out.



This is my current build, all combos must start with hexing as it increases the dark damage (warlok skills and zombie damage) and improves kundela slash damage (doubles it).

Kundela has little aoe but with centaur cards and a staff you can get to damage between 5 or 6 medium enemies, this will be corrected in patch and will have fixed aoe of 10 so those cards will not be necessary.