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Theoretical build Featherfoot-Shadowmancer-Bokor


Theoretical build Featherfoot-Shadowmancer-Bokor
Skill and combos:
Against boss
Infernal Shadow (I do not know if he takes it as a debuff)
Enervation (1st debuff)
Ngadhundi (2nd debuff)(Duration:40 CD:10)
Kundela Slash (spam)
Shadow Thorn (spam)

Blood Sucking (to recover hp)
Shadow Condensation (against mobs)
Shadow Pool (to flee like a coward)
Shadow Fetter (in case the boss moves a lot)
Other skills of bokor to make dance and explode the zombies


I’ve personally tried this build before during the reset event. One key issue that I had with it is that it really lacks AOE damage. It probably does well with single target DPS against bosses with Kundela Slash and Shadow Thorn spam but AOE wise only Shadow Condensation and Damballa is decent. If you are going to try challenge mode with this it might be an issue.


I’m using the FF-Bokor combo and it works nicely: the zombies hold the mobs, helping you get close to stab. Hexing is better than the FF curse skills and the Bwa hold mobs still while I’m on cooldown.

But it does lack AOE. That’s why instead of Shadow, I added a Pyro: the Ngadhundi debuff increases Fire damage and Zombies get stronger with Enchant Fire. Fireball and Flame Ground also apply debuffs, helping with the Kundela Slash.


Does anyone knows if Hallucination prevents the damage from Mackangdal?

I’m actually using FF-SM-Necro. I’m having a hard time adapting to necro (i have never played it before). I have way too many skills, FF-SM-Bokor (without zombies) seems easier to use. Only four skills from bokor + an easy debuff that combos well with SM. I don’t care about AoE, this is my WB hunter/boss killer


It does not but makes the clone invincible aswell for the duration, beside self stop I doubt any other wizard skill prevents mackangdal damage.