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The Whole Floor is Lava! Weekly Boss Raid Demon Lord Blut Mechanics/Strategies

Video Description :

:white_check_mark: Weekly Raid Boss Demon Lord Blut Overall Special Skills :white_check_mark:
➤ Overcharge Field: Deal 50% more damage to the boss if both character and boss monster are in the same field. The region will be overloaded after 1 minute. The boss will periodically inflict damage and heal reduction debuff to the enemy around it. The haracter’s damage to the boss monster will increased by 200% if both character and boss monster are in the same region.
➤ Assault: Places a charging monster near the character.
➤ Meteor Shower: A number of meteors will fall periodically. The number of meteors will increase as time goes, and each meteor will leave a tile which deal damage over time.
➤ Rune of Fortitude: The character on the magic circle will receive [Increased Damage] buff, but they will not be able to heal while received damage over time. This effect also apply for invulnerability as well.
➤ Accuracy Specialty: Weekly Raid Boss Demon Lord Blut will have high accuracy.
:white_check_mark: Overall Technical/Strategies :white_check_mark:
➤ Pull the boss to non-overcharge field to increased damage output
➤ Avoid poison field and incoming meteor as much as possible
➤ Keep the meteor falling in the nearest location to avoid spreading the fire. Otherwise, It will become extremely deadly.
➤ Do not take Rune of Fortitude unless you are sure that you’ll be able to tank Blut damage until the effect is over. Otherwise, you won’t be able to heal for a short period of time
➤ Take advantage of monsters to proc your Ataka set! Smugis is more viable for this week raid boss due to plant-type. You won’t be able to land any critical rate without minimum critical chance.
➤ Make sure to uses food buffs to increased your HP and SP regeneration! Goddess Sculpture and Miracle seeds are good as well! These will increased your HP and movement speed.
➤ Make sure to Hero’s Retribution Potion: Plant! This potion can be found in Goddess Grace event after Moringponia field boss die or you can purchase it from the market for 10k+ slivers. Extremely cheap.


Tell me if I understand correctly: both character and Blut deal +50% damage in non-overloaded area and +200% in overloaded area?

i dont have antidote, how to remedy poison?

Cleric’s Cure can remove it. Didn’t IMC removed antidote a long time ago?

Only your character deal 50% and 200% more damage against the boss. This grimmick only affect if both your character and boss is in the non-overcharge field.

Wugushi can remove poison

i know, detoxify skill right?
how about for non wugu player?

I don’t get it…I don’t see any poison nor cure used to remove poison…is poison debuff involved in this week boss?

I have no idea if all builds have a skill like that but there are lot of skills now that remove debuffs…

Like Hanging shot, Block and shoot, Escape, Camo Shot, Growling…etc. on archer or Lifeline, Swell head etc. on Scout…
The bad part is that some of these skills are not that good so in genereal you wouldn’t want to level it…but if there is nothing else in your build…maybe you should consider it? idk…

It’s more like DoT damage on the floor. If you notice at floor at 3:24 from the video. Blut is spitting out orbs which leave a pool behind. These pool deal damage over-time if you step on it.

Exactly, so why @7aniki discuss antidote in this thread?

why not? nobody forbid

So you went off topic for no reason? Fair enough :man_shrugging:

Not off topic.
TS wrote

and i suddenly remember poison debuff, so may as well ask it while i remember. :smiley:
TS seems didnt mind with my question, everything is okay.
redwea, if you someday make your own thread, i promise i wont ask antidote in your thread. Fair enough :man_shrugging:

Hey dont worry for being off topic :+1:

i never worry, because i never off topic on this thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: