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Good to know that there are some vocaloid fans here too :grin:



Rin is probably my favorite, just…

Yeah, too good. It’s a lot metal, but Miku is great here, too.

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If any of you are interested in great tuning and vocals, might wanna check out some of Kyaami’s works
@ZeroTigress I see youre a kyaami fan too lol




v flower


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Actually it’s Stardust. She’s part of Vocaloid 4.

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lol nevermind i just saw her


Male VOCALOIDs need more love.

Mr. Taxi (cover) - Len Kagamine

Splash Free (cover) - Gakupo ・KAITO ・Wil ・Len ・VY2

Leia (cover) - Len Kagamine

Ghost Rule (cover) - Len Kagamine

Lost One’s Weeping (sat1080 Mix) - Len Kagamine

And back to the girls.

The Material World - Ritsu Namine

Close to You (cover) - Ritsu Namine (This is so beautiful, I can’t even… ;__; )

Age of Sword and Blade - Yanhe

Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder (Chinese cover) - Yanhe

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Po Pi Po ft. Len


Anti-Beat (cover) - Len Kagamine (Eargasm.)

「Ah, It’s a Wonderful Cat Life」 - Len Kagamine & GUMI (Old classic.)

OSTER Project + VOCALOID = Amazing Musicals :smile:

Alice in Musicland - Crypton VOCALOIDs

The Music Wizard of Oz - Crypton VOCALOIDs & GUMI

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I had to look through pages and pages of reddit saves to find it… but found my favorite vocaloid song… I’m a real sucker for the nihilism.

I’m also enjoy Crusher P’s arrangements… But not for the lyrics–it’s emo. I’m a happy nihilist.


YOHIO is pretty nice.


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I sang anti-beat once— it was mediocre? xD

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Dreamin’ Chuchu - Luka Megurine (Never heard a song using Luka’s high notes before. She sounds like a smoother Rin.)

Feelings Thief - GUMI (Kind of have a Kiel Hyre vibe going on here.)

The Boy and The Magical Robot - GUMI (Adorable story. ^_^)

Ghost Rule - Miku Hatsune

Ghost Rule (English Cover) - rachie (Not bad. :U)


Bit of Oliver to start your day?


Wow, V4 English Miku sounds amazing!

[Hnnngh, Len is so cute! 8U] (

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Haven’t been able to find a subtitled version of the original by Miku, so this is the best I can do.

Mama - Soramin (original by Miku)

Just found this in my recommended videos and… nosebleeds Frickin’ KAITO. <<

Satisfaction (cover) - KAITO

Haven’t really gotten around to finding KAITO songs since he was upgraded to V3. Maybe I should. Just get annoyed that they make the male VOCALOIDs use the same dance animations as the female VOCALOIDs in Project Diva. I guess it’s too much work to make gender-specific dances for each song.

Freely Tomorrow (cover) - KAITO


Senbonzakura (Ballad Ver.) - KAITO

OMG, they didn’t pitch the crap out of the poor guy like 99% of tuners do.

ERROR (cover) - KAITO

This is really nice.

Paper Plane (cover) - YOHIOloid & KAITO

Finally, someone drew some power out of KAITO.

Unhappy Refrain (cover) - KAITO

Welp, found one English producer I’ve gotten rather fond of.

Need You 2night - Luka Megurine

eTeRNiTY - Oliver

Christmas Spirit - Oliver

Glass Wall - Miku Hatsune

Dream With You - YOHIOloid

Miracle - GUMI

For The Better - Len Kagamine

Found some nice Len gems.

Sugar-free - Len Kagamine

Unresponsive Self-riser - Len Kagamine

ARIA - Len Kagamine

0 Distance Symphonia - Len Kagamine

Happy World - Len Kagamine

Weight of the World (cover) - Len Kagamine

Orange Genome - Len Kagamine

Gone - Len Kagamine

Garden of Berserker (Len Ver.) - Len Kagamine

Ignite (cover) - Len Kagamine

Love Yourself (cover) - Len Kagamine

I am loving PLAMA’s stuff.

Empty - Len Kagamine

Ghost - Len Kagamine

Platonic Love - Len Kagamine

Stereotype - Miku Hatsune

Hangover - Rin Kagamine

See My Eyes - Rin Kagamine

Changeable - Yukari Yuzuki

Coward’s Waltz - Rin Kagamine

Think I’m going to start subscribing to Luna’s stuff. She’s an amazing producer.

Another Dreamer - Len Kagamine

Addicted Theory - Len Kagamine

Apostrophe - Len Kagamine

Main Character - Len Kagamine

Bless ye, Circus.

Poltergeist - Len Kagamine

1/4 - KAITO

Just discovered Ruby and I’m liking how similar she sounds to Ritsu. She can even scream like her.

Unbreakable - Ruby

The Day I Die - Ruby

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DEX has a nice voice. Pretty cool how his provider is a VOCALOID producer.

Different Seas - DEX

My Impulse - DEX

Situation of Mine - DEX

Breathe - DEX

Discovered a different Soleil song than the one I’m used to. And I’ve never heard Tell Your World sound so sad.

Soleil -World’s End- (cover) - Len Kagamine

Tell Your World (serious cover) - Len Kagamine

Le gasp, I’m not spamming Len?? 8U

Copycat - GUMI

Burn Me Down - GUMI (Beware the chick of YusukeKira!)

Circles - GUMI

Circles (cover) - rachie

Is it just me or is the original much more clear in its English compared to the remake? Or maybe the more scraggly voice is throwing off the quality?

Lie - Luka Megurine (original)

Lie - Luka Megurine (remake)

Back to the Len.

Haibana (cover) - Len Kagamine

Six-Trillion Years and Overnight Story (cover) - Len Kagamine

Sand Planet (cover) - Len Kagamine

Sniper - Len Kagamine

Just discovered Fukase and his English is pretty good.

Spectrum (cover) - Fukase

Scapegoat (cover) - Fukase

Whatever, Whatever, Whatever - Rin & Len Kagamine

B.B.F. - Miku Hatsune & Rin Kagamine (When did YusukeKira change her username to Kira? O_o)

Someone actually posted footage of Zhiyu Moke with his new voicebank. Sounds too old for him.

Virtual Youth - Zhiyu Moke

And so glad Yuezheng Longya is finally out! His voice is amazeballs.

In Your Breath - Yuezheng Longya

Scholar - Yuezheng Longya

Whaa…? Miku has a Chinese voicebank now? Are they going to do all the Asian languages?

Tell Your World (Chinese) - Miku Hatsune

Stellar Miracle - Miku Hatsune