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The support on this game is disappointing!

I tried to contact to ask support to change my account username due to my username reflecting my email due to not having an option to change usernames here. First, they asked me to purchase TP so I can change my team name. So I asked them again and let them know that I am not asking to change my in-game family name but my username. They did not even bother and just told me that it cant be done. Also, Greedy IMC also tried to change/raise the Arbor Day Package in comparison to the KTOS Arbor Day Package package. I will not be supporting this game anymore and I suggest other to do the same.

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Yeah, 150TP is ridiculous price to change just the team name but that is not what I requested. Gave them a screenshot too. ! image

but my user account name.

Excuse me wtf?
there are no user account name in this game. You only have steam user account name. You are barking at the wrong place.

I think that support guy got some good brain to just ignore you instead of throwing some profanities.

If you mean forum username they have lots of reason to not allow username change, plus it doesn’t affect any of your game experience. Just create new account if really hate your current name

What’s your username then? not hima_gorira I hope. tsk tsk. =) I already attached a screenshot on the last reply. You can change you username with other forums, right? I used my email to create the account but why no option to change username then? Will it transfer my ticket history if I make another account? The solution you are suggesting will not solve the issue here. “Trash” is not profanity by the way, but a description.

since you feel it is trash, why you still linger here in this game and forum?

Well, you cant like the game and be critical about the support you’re getting at the same time? Are you trying to say we ignore all the problems then?

NO. the solution he mentioned is the only way to solve the problem here. Your problem is you dont like your name, solution is make another account with name you like. EZ as abc.
You want your ticket history? It will still remain on that hated account of yours. No one will delete it.

let me tell you this: no one cares about your oh-so-good name or email address in this forum. ill probably forgot that name in 30mins and youll probably also forget mine

word “trash” is not a profanity, but the way you use it as an idiom comparing a person to a trash is profane.

Please don’t stop supporting this game. You, a single player, not event 0.001% of the player-base, quitting this game will make the game crumble.

Sigh… That’s true, I am but one of the players dissatisfied of the support from this game. So you want be to ignore the problem then since I am only 0.001%?

what do you expect? this is ToS forum by IMC.

Let me tell you this Devone Nepomuceno, you wont get roast here if you didn’t use profane words while defending your stupid “personal” complaint.
Your problem here Devone Nepomuceno is how you are unable to change your username, which is your problem, and your problem alone. If I want to change my name, is that your problem? Nope. Its my problem alone.

Ah no wonder you want to change username. your shyte personality makes people treat you like trash. And you need easy shortcut to fix it.

maybe he dont want someone from his real-life colleagues discover how trash his personality is if they see his name in this forum…welp keyboard warriors needs alias to go full 100% warrior :smiley:

Yeah, sorry guys. Just got mad with the support from IMC that I got from them. =) Anyways, I’m quitting the game, had fun and supported the game for 3 years now but got disappointed along the way. Anyways, all you good luck and have fun. Ciao!

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dude, your username is steam ID. And steam ID is permanent. Even Steam support staff cannot change it. If you want to change your forum name then IMC staff can help

No, it’s the forum username. There is no option to change your forum user under preference and submitted a ticket requesting to change them. I saw the same post before and they were able to change it before. I was just disappointed that you cant and have to use your email name instead. Also, this is not the only concern I have but IMC being greedy with the Arbor package asking 268TP to upgrade the old Botanic Set which is not the same with KTOS. Anyways, this is just a rant hahaha. Thanks for the reply.

Sorry about my remarks! I was just mad about supports I got from TOS forums throughout my stay here. The reason I want to change due to privacy and probably same reasons you have not having your emails as your username.

U can’t change it. It will be difficult on the front end to identify user who said this and that. Toxicity in this forum is so high, so changing username just give ways for 100% warrior.

My acc ad ban two times but wth, just make a new email.

its not totally your fault. theres big part of system flaw in this forum and yeah like you and many experienced, bad support. its actually good call to quit though.

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