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The Rant Thread

Post All your anger about the limitations of Tree of Savior or anything that ticks you off here.

I still to wait two whole weeks just to buy stuff from the market… (Made a new account to use on new server. Go figure :rolling_eyes:)

Come on IMC at least let the new accounts by stuff after level 40 but not sell after two weeks are up. :thumbsdown:

Tree of Restrictions

if you dig through the 999 old rant threads half of their points are still valid :slight_smile:

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sorry but the trash goes in general discussion…

I can forgive the GM for dumping threads here cause I got no choice, but no one else :unamused:

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[rant]There’s no cute twintails. I don’t like any of the current ones.[/rant]

A-am I doing it right?

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W-what about lenses?

There’s no heterochromia lenses! In general, there’s not enough customization with lenses, hair dyes, and hair styles!

IMC what are you doing?!

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