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The quest of the zealot suit is unfair

Someday they will stop ignoring the posts regarding this? I have seen many posts, on different dates and everyone has something in common, they are ignored

The zealot quest to unlock your costume, the only way to complete it is to be an expert in minesweeper, there are many people, including me, who find it impossible to complete such quest

In addition to being something frustrating and tedious, it will never be something entertaining for most players, it is assumed that the idea of the games is to have fun and be distracted, not to come to feel bad because they put something that only a few can complete

I hope that at some point these quest change, I would prefer long but normal quest, because “IMC” has a habit of creating quest, which is an eggs pain, sometimes it seems that I am playing a game of masochists
and I don’t say it for the zealots

…most likely this will ignore it again


you dont have to be expert trust me
you just need to learn basic of minesweeper
and for all those who tried it, at the end of the day its basically luck based
minesweeper itself is game of luck but still can be tackled with strategy in the early phase
but near the endgame you gotta rely on your luck(and crazy amount of attempts)
i myself complete it in weeks cause you got limited trial

the annoying is actually one that requires high/stable RTT such as exo costume
you will suffer even to get stage 1 completed

Meanwhile, have to fly to Singapore to do Exo’s quest.
Have fun with minesweeper.

I gave up on the zealot one a long time ago, I’ll never be able to get it because I really dislike minesweeper lol. And well, I dont play zealot anymore so I can’t really complain. But I feel like the zealot quest would be a lot more fair if it didn’t have a time limit.

Exorcist one was bad, I had to complete it at 4-5am (when my ping is lowest). Took me 19 tries, but I eventually managed to do it even though I don’t live in the same continent the server is on. I think I just got really lucky lol

BM quest sucks too, it’s not hard, but it can’t be done on controller. Which means I can’t complete it, since I suck at mouse mode lol.

Outlaw one is total cancer. If any of these quests need a change, its Outlaw. To this day, I’ve only seen 2 people with the Savelocks unlocked in Klai server.

I heard some people complain about the Pied Piper one too, but there is a trick to cheese it. Go keyboard mode, and change character movement to WASD, and the directional flutes to Up Down Left Right arrows. Easy 10/10 score 1st try.

Onmyoji quest is 90% rng 10% skill, with enough luck you can even complete it while afk.

For Shadowmancer, I got someone to give me Rune of Giants buff. Easy mov speed.

Assassin, Retiarus and Matador are perfectly fine, no complaints from me about these.

Now I hope the new classes quests are not too hard/annoying…

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good luck they complain enough to dead ground so we can have all Clear End around.

I do not have to trust you, because I have tried to do that quest many times and it is impossible for me, it lacks characteristics that if you have the real minesweeper, in addition to having a time limit, it makes it even more difficult

I have seen videos of people who have completed that quest and it shows that you have to be quite good at playing a minesweeper, which is worse than internet minesweeper, I also do not understand what is the eagerness to do missions with such odious minigames, they just make people get frustrated and stop being entertained

I was able to complete the BM one and the Pied Piper one.
For both zealot and exo, i’m stuck at the third (hardest) part, not that i’m keen on getting the special costume tho.

I know how to play minesweeper but it’s not really my favorite type of game as it relies very much on luck. and for TOS i had to use zoomy to tilt the tiles because i am used to the usual minesweeper.

for exo i have confidence in my abilities, but i don’t have confidence in my internet connection.

and yes, some games really like to cater masochist type of players who enjoy contents such as this.

yes,trust the lord of RNGesus.
i said no need to be expert, but quite good is a must
practicing with the same situation is required im afraid
unlike shadowmancer one which can rely a lot in luck this game require more brain
those numbers means something in case all this time you just jump in and smashing those circle randomly lol

If you can see those numbers to begin with. There is an annoying bug where, even if enabled, you still don’t see the speech ballons most of the time. Dexter (Klaipeda cat) suffers from the same issue, by the way.

Oh my, I might go to do the quest! I love that stupid silly game (not sarcasm) but might need Zoomy to play it properly

Zealot costume quest is pure luck you rarely see a person with wings and 90% of the people who answered me were pure luck …
The class is no longer very good in need of a rework and still has a custom quest very difficult to finish, this needs to be changed for not to be purely lucky.

Relationship to Exorcist is not difficult that played Guitar Hero once can quietly do this quest, Outlaw and another that depends on luck because if the sand stops too far from the rock you can restart, if the mob does not respawn too often can restart and pure luck getting a stage 3.

BM was already very difficult to do more today is very quiet just go to mouse mode and change the direct to wasd and go punctuated next to the statue not difficult.

Haha, the first and second stage of Zealot costume quest is easy enough as long as you have a basic understanding of Minesweeper. Just get used to running to the spots fast and ToS’s targeting system.

The third one though, you either need excellent Minesweeper skills, some great luck, or both. I know a few Zealots who are bad at Minesweeper but got a lucky pick clearing a lot and got the wings easily. Meanwhile, others can have enough skills to do Minesweeper, but the time limit screws you over from thinking too much or being too careful.

I got mine from doing it carefully in the beginning, but winging it on the last 15 seconds having to decide between 5 out of 9 mines that don’t have any clear indication whichever were the correct spots.