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The Quality of a person (Curious?)

Hello everyone, i am returning player i like play swordman .i didnt have anything when i returned …no guild no equipment. i am a solo player. I dont really like to talk, after i played sometime…i joined maid cafe this big family somehow…they also taught me a lot knowledge about game…my game experience has been improving all the time after i joined… i also start to participate in guild activities gradually.(…boruta GTW AND card event… )
…at first i play build doppelsoeldner in feud and i had been killed a lot, mainly by lolinoob (build scout)—i can’t kill anyone…i also had bad feeling but I know this is part of the game so i just kept upgrading my equipment and invest more time…I believe my efforts will be useful and it worked…It has been half a year before i returned to the game … but with the effort of myself and the guild my equippments are good now and i start to know how PVP work but still need practice.

but today something very unpleasant happened …when I was playing feud i encounter a player called Lord_Arhangel from guild insanity …we fighted all game for around 10min …came out like this PNG 12234 122345 … this is just a game bro … I really feel that this person is really a bit Low quality
i had been killed by player lolinoob for half a year even now i still lost to him most of time, but i never said anything brutal like this to other people.
Lord_Arhangel build : Templar - Hoplite - Retiarius
me : Lancer - Cataphract - Hoplite

Dialogue translation:
Lord_Arhangel : u want duel 1v1 retard ?
Lord_Arhangel : then shut up clown
me : i want more vs have shied ( i want more vs Retiarius )
me : because i cant vs maghi he just i hit i death
me : i want more experience for pvp
Lord_Arhangel : and i want clowns like u to play another games
me : why ?
me : i can change to Retiarius too …
me : 2 ichor for spear and shied
Lord_Arhangel : sadly u will suck ■■■■ with all your guild in gvg as usual
Lord_Arhangel : enjoy
me : it is easy !! but i just need experience ( i just want to say i change Retiarius esay because i have all icho but i want play lancer …then i need experience to vs Retiarius )
me : next time come on . just play with me … i need so much experience
me : thank you so much
Lord_Arhangel : just jump in window and die clown
me : wow nice i will send to the forum …that is insanity
me : very insanity

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no need to concern yourself with people like that.
maybe he/she probably has big problems in real life or is not content with life.
just enjoy yourself playing the game. :slight_smile:

yea agree with you, my server also have some keep spam “■■■■” word in shout.
I guess he just need some friends. Just chill.

not that i care
they need better life.not game
those kind of people doesnt deserve attention cause thats what they seek

Toxic players, every online game will have them. Just ignore, block and move on, never let it affect you. In the end what will make you remember the game is the fun you had and the friends you made.

I also tend to play alone these days, but will still encounter people like that from time to time while doing party content. Since you’re going into the competitive part of the game, be aware that you’ll find a lot more people like that, so take the advice to block them and end the conversation as soon as you can, it’s never going anywhere, spare yourself from it. If you feel like, report them (unfortunately most companies wont care enough for matters like this, that’s the sad truth).

trolls will be trolls. respond to them, you lose. well, the last thing you can do is probably make a report, but i highly doubt that the GMs will ever put their hands on him. veterans on this game are mostly whales… and you don’t ban whales because they’re your primary source of income, especially in a game with very little player growth like ToS. so yeah, just block the dude, and move on with it.

I can’t tell if your post is an elaborate bait, an advertisement for your guild or a degradation.

No doubt he’s acting like an idiot (why are you even answering in the first place if you just plan on attacking back with kind words?), you’re just feeding a hungry bear.

To use your words;
Very Maid Café, reporting (ironic) yet again big bad guys using bid bag words.
Because yes apparently, we’re judging a whole guild based on one individual who’s known to be as lovable as Moo/xenaTHEwarrior.
he’s pretty cool when you’re not in the wrong guild, and is a bear beer lover

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