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The Patch Note Game



um, you know that you can create poll in this forum rite?

no [delayed until the next announcement] option?

also doesnt specify timezone

American server time, which is the mother of all servers

They trolled us again :distinguished:

That only means that bets are still on point, not until we get the notes does this end!

Considering the patch notes arent complete well consider game is still running, in 2 hours 30 minutes the grand majority might win

Is it just me, or are the ep12 updates lacking? XD
Isn’t there supposed to be new lvl cap and stuff? XD

Yeah, I’m already on new quests

Patch notes are lacking A LOT, and something is telling me, that they will never be redacted completely @STAFF_William, nothing was explained on new maps, nor new raid, nor new legend skia solo mode, nor new Episode Reward system, being once per team. A LOT of things are lacking.

Are we really not getting the full patch notes?

Does it look like we are?

Patch note as an “announcement” after ~2 weeks ->

PS: “RRRooting change” is a great buff for new and returning players. :haha:

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