Tree of Savior

"The One Who Experienced Death" quest trigger


Can anyone tell me how to trigger the quest nowadays?

Since there isn’t any Bleak Chapparition in Tenet Church anymore and the field boss in Novaha Institute doesn’t seem to trigger the quest when killing my character, I wonder how to trigger this quest.

As Stamina is a required resource in Re:build, it would be good to get all the Stamina boosts one can before the update hits.


all signs point to the quest being defunct, no one can complete it


Maybe finding and killing a normal chapa boss, the one on Nov is a Silver Variant…


I tried this quest a long time ago, died a ton of times in Tenet Church by having someone kill me then letting a monster 1hit me and got nothing from Paladin master (did this like 20 times)

Killed Chapparition in Novaha and went to talk to him and got nothing


As far as hidden quests go this is the only broken one btw (unless we figure out a real trigger) not counting ones that are not implimented in the game


This quest was remade after 10th balance patch. In fact, you can trigger and complete it successfully now.

Following are the details:

  1. Visit Central Altar in Tenet Church 1F WITH a friend.

  2. Friendly Dual with your friend within the altar circle, and die for 6 times IN STRAIGHT.
    Remember! if you ever killed by monsters or leave this map, the count would be reset.

  3. Visit the Paladin Master in Nefritas Cliff, here you can accept this quest.

  4. Find the area boss Bleak Chapparition in Novaha Institute and kill it ( respawns every 2 hours and 10 minutes) , done.


Thank you very much !!!

I’d mark it as solution but somehow I can’t although this is the help section xD


I’m gonna put this on my tos blog with a credit to you


Thanks!!! There are even some visual effects in the altar.

Also the Paladin Master even mentions the Chap boss is in Novaha, so the dialogues were updated after the change.


Another invisible quest to complete :smile:

Now how to tell a friend that I want to be pound 6 times in a row inside a church…



Takes longer than 2hr 10min for the boss to spawn, but yep the quest is now doable, this elusive quest only Monks cared about during Double Punch stamina patch.