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The ninja fix not fixed the problem

first of all, thanks for the effort, but still,
the ninja fix you applied at around 5am doesnt fix the automatch
and most importantly chat still error even though its not mentioned in the fix
if you have to compare which one is more important between the ability to chat shout/pt/guild vs automatch, chat is more important because we lived with it for long, even when there was automatch that didnt as lively as now
so honestly rather than ninja fix, just take your time fixing it, resume the maintenance properly, but this time be sure that things are fixed
again if budget is the problem just chip in DA in the moo package, or chip in singu token/sole hunt/arch stone or even a box filled with 100 dungeon reset&token. im so sure some people will bite the bait

they didn’t fix anything at all, since automatch is somehow tied with chat server, both are still broken in fedimian which causing even worse problem when harder content are involved (giltine raid and res dungeon)