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The new heal target system

the new heal target system just broken in mouse mode.
even so hard to cast it successful.
could you make it like how missile skills works,
add one more variable to target ally or share with current target pointer.

The feature is stupid. It would have been SO much easier to make Heal a targeted area skill like everything else…

At this moment, you never know who you will heal, since you can only choose left/right/top/bottom (and in mouse mode you need to click an arrow on your keyboard!)… if you ever manage to heal someone. Heal self (double click) works fine.

Agreed, in mouse mode it should be like in Ragnarok online or any other 2.5D game honestly. Point and click with the mouse to cast heal.

Its pretty hard to heal other ppl rather than yourself.

my biggest problem is with how small the names on that thing are and lag…

I don’t have best eyes or memory so it is really annoying :frowning:

worst part, half the time I end up healing myself at full HP cause skill wasn’t responding and I clicked too much

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Doesn’t work in keyboard mode if you rebind movement keys to something else. I prefer using the numpad 1235 for movement (arrow keys has some bad ghosting).

I asked someone what they had to do to perform the skill and figured out that the skill only works with the arrow keys. So, I have to remember to press the arrow keys now because it doesn’t recognize my rebinding.

Numpads works for movement even if you default the movement keys to arrows…

Default numpad movement arrows are 2468 (some keyboard will have arrow icons there), and is uncomfortable for movement anyway. Since I had rebound the keys, the default won’t work obviously. I also use the remaining keys around for some other functions like weapon swap, pet, etc.

Thing is, I use the skill and the target UI shows, if I press my rebound keys, I can select a target just fine but it will not cast the skill.

Oh well, I liked the ground healing. At least, in keyboard mode, using the numpad, you can rebind the keys (I use 8456) to be the same for healing (they added 4 more slots of keys just above the movement ones).
It feels better than switching to the arrows keys everytime. But I think mouse mode is in worse state.

@edit @Enkii Oh. I saw your edit just now. Try rebinding the other 4 slots, it worked for me.

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I guess that would work too. At least it’s more comfortable than switching to the arrows every time.

It worked, thanks @Carrossel

I am not really into this new feature since, for me, its really inconvenient especially for emergency cases that you need to heal more than one of your party members… ;-; I usually use mouse mode and one thing I found out about it is that, you can use the keys A-W-S-D (left, up, right, down or simply the number pad ) in selecting the member you wanna heal. (this might be just on mouse mode… Im not sure since I didnt tried any other modes atm). It causes delay, since you have to stop and squint your eyes out to see if you are healing the right person. ;-;

I still prefer the ground heal and or if its targettable, at least somehow make it clear on how the players will use it.

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I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but this target heal is global, you can cast on your teammate even if he/she’s on the other side of the map. Just gotta keep an eye on the party UI.

It works poorly on keyboard too. I dont even know the range of how far the skill can reach. I think its very short. Doesnt work most of thr time when casting to allies so I rather just use it to heal myself.

It even works badly with controller.
I had no issues with it till the 17th of January temporary maintenance, but now it is random if I heal myself (most of the time) or someone else.

My guess is that the maintenance messed up sth with the targeting system…

I notice that if there is any lag at all the heal doesn’t even register at all. I really miss the old heal mechanic and the tiles. I felt like you had more control over your healing, versus this new method which doesn’t always work. And in the heat of the moment it’s very hard to even see who you’re healing. It’s just clunky and unresponsive. Before was clunky but it worked—you laid the tiles down and (depending on whether you had the remove dmg attribute) either healed your team or damaged enemies. Very simple and straightforward.



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