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The new cant connect to chat server popup

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this new popup spams.So this cant connect is actually nothing new because i got error code 21 each time i try to chat in party/shout/guild using a certain ISP in my country because i try with another ISP its fine but some others got blocked too idk why. some said the connection is kinda bad but here i am playing another online game just fine without such thing like this.its 4g and the speed around 50Mbps. the biggest problem is im from SEA and i played in NA.

sometimes i tried doing re-login and once in a while i can connect to the chat server, but the chance is low and its a hassle.

i send tickets, tried all the solutions such turn off windows search, firewall thing etc.nothing works. if i can occassionally connect once in a while(without VPN),this solution doesnt seem to solve anything.

i hope theres a real solution to this. or a temporary maybe an addon to hide this cant connect thing:p

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  1. connect to game with the ISP that seems to be block tos or tos block it
  2. keep getting cant connect popup each freaking times.

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