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The new cant connect to chat server popup

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this new popup spams.So this cant connect is actually nothing new because i got error code 21 each time i try to chat in party/shout/guild using a certain ISP in my country because i try with another ISP its fine but some others got blocked too idk why. some said the connection is kinda bad but here i am playing another online game just fine without such thing like this.its 4g and the speed around 50Mbps. the biggest problem is im from SEA and i played in NA.

sometimes i tried doing re-login and once in a while i can connect to the chat server, but the chance is low and its a hassle.

i send tickets, tried all the solutions such turn off windows search, firewall thing etc.nothing works. if i can occassionally connect once in a while(without VPN),this solution doesnt seem to solve anything.

i hope theres a real solution to this. or a temporary maybe an addon to hide this cant connect thing:p

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  1. connect to game with the ISP that seems to be block tos or tos block it
  2. keep getting cant connect popup each freaking times.

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above recommended.

I got the same problem here, the system msg said “Cannot connect to the chat server. if the problem persist, please check to see if your Network port is open”. The main problem is that I cant even send any friend request.
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[SEA] Telsiai
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this totally bothers
especially with the new popup spams
and if you report this they will just blame your connection
so why i can use VPN and play normally when the connection supposed to get worse with VPN but only to bypass it?
also if you report you play in another region, this is another blame they will use
im from SEA and i try to play in Telsiai and still got this popup
meanwhile i can play any other steam game smoothly even the one that servers not in my region

same problem but on the server silute. In fact, I add that every time I try to change the map the game throws me an error …
Server name:
[SA] Silute
team name:
Character name: