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The Legendary Necromancer Main is Breaking The Meta

Video Description :

Shout out to Alpha guild members for letting know about Wizard’s damage ranking for the weekly raid boss. I wouldn’t have known that Crevox, the legendary summoner main, just break the Wizard DPS Meta. I guess we all should play summoner now and drop all other classes lol. Unfortunately, I don’t have the specific classes build, and only Crevox himself can provide us further information.

But still, this is sick.

:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 0:30 | Wizard Weekly Raid Boss
➤ 0:46 - 1:58 | Equipment + Classes
➤ 1:59 - 3:16 | Full Moringponia Legendary Set + Boruta Seal Level 4
➤ 3:17 - 5:13 | Ark Stone + Two-hand Weapon + Trinket
➤ 5:14 - 7:30 | Conclusion/Thoughts

Video Link :


Oh, thank you for the highlight!

Here is the build I’m currently using. It’s always subject to change based on future updates.


Hi, just a question about the recent summoner changes…
In the changes, they mentioned some stuff would affect summons (enchant stats, armor 4 piece bonus, red cards), but they didn’t mention about +dmg%vs race potions, normal character buffs (e.g. levitate attribute from FF) and normal party buffs (e.g. prophecy attribute, or even squire’s art which is similar to armor 4-piece bonus). Do you know if they now work on summons? Thank you in advance

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Tfw Sorcerer is the main class of the build, but Necromancer gets highlighted instead.


Any buff that increases (or decreases) your own character’s damage by a % will also apply to summons so long as they meet the condition. This means that race potions, levitate, and things like prophecy will work.

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Wait, does that mean Smugis work with Diev as well?

Others have tested, and it seems like it does not. Only the purple classes (Sorcerer, Necromancer, Bokor) transfer their damage bonuses to their summons.

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Ah dang, that’s unfortunate. I was hoping to see Diev build shrine too.

Thank you! #20202020

what red card most suitable for summon

Any red card that other damage classes use. Typically the race specific cards are used (Vubbe Fighter Cards against Beasts, Chafer Cards against Insects, etc).

this is another issue where imc wont give a d*mn (or they did,a little and they did things wrong again like sadhu and poor krivis) because seems like nobody in ktos care or complain about this… meanwhile we got crevox and probably many ktos players who concern about purple classes or any other favorite classes
clerics still got diev statue and the ignored-neglected carnivory which actually get some potential to get synergyzed with AA, koinonia, sweeping and many more