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The Laziest Healing Support Build for Challenge Mode

The full build heavily focuses on supporting your party with SP + cooldown reduction from Diev class, defense/damage buff + revival tool kits from Priest, and supreme AoE healing from Druid’s Grass ARTS!
【Dievdirbys - Druid - Priest】Full Build:

CON & SPR Stats is all you need for the build. I also recommend healing Carnas set, which is extremely cheap, and affordable through the Mercenary Badge shop!


P.S. Ignore the Leather armor/2h weapon + trinket. Your character should be using cloth armor + 1h Mace + Shield. The purposes of this video are to demonstrate the grass ARTS healing power, as well as stacking CON & SPR Stats.
I also covered this build several months ago, but I didn’t go over any build specs or setup, so this should be a good chance for me to bring this build back up again! You can find the cover video in the following link below:
【Dievdirbys - Druid - Priest】100% Uptime Healing Grass Build:
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 1:27 | Introduction
➤ 1:28 - 7:01 | Skills Breakdown & Combos
➤ 7:02 - 10:10 | Equipment & Armor Breakdown
➤ 10:11 - 12:10 | Gameplay


why point in seed bomb, transform and shape shifting? Wouldn’t it be better to just put all 4 in carnivory and if scenario like everyone is busy fighting world boss and you haven’t done CM yet and you also only have like 30 minutes to play then you could go to OW 15 put grass, activate carnivory, place some owl and done cm5 in 7 minutes, collecting those flex box.

Laziest… until people start yeeting you out from CM parties. Don’t tell me what to do. Don’t tell me to stay in grass. I will turn off effects and wont see your grass.

The best this kind of healer can get is just few rounds until we start secretly pming the rest of party members to make excuse to stop, and recreate party without you.

the grass is as big as the foretell circle so people that go way above it would be kicked from party in the first place since their smartass make the whole run much slower by spreading out mob. Most CM party just stay in that 1 small corner and start nuking AOE

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Hi, kinda New here, i saw some of your healer build vídeos and they are helping me a lot, but I cant really decide between that build with druid, (diev and priest) and the other one with kaba (diev and priest), do you think the druid can get a better space in CM compared with kabalist?
Again thx in advance :smiley:

i like kabbalist more, i mean u can use kaballist for other content too,

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hmmm, I’m using Priest+Diev+Paladin … its kinda the most laziest build for me right now unless stage 7 you meet those annoying elites that has reflect damage??? or that sp draining magic circles …

Also worth keeping in mind the Druid grass Art is being nerfed soon~ish (Next patch I think? Not sure). Druid is not widely considered a healer class, you will end up getting kicked from CM groups etc.

On the other hand, Kabba is good healer + massively boosts dps vs bosses.

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it works with druid+diev+x
x for priest if your pt is needy, oracle if they are geared
though healing garden gon get nerf prob next week

nobody gonna kick him unless the party is needy, gearles, with poor slaves and hp below 150k
most geared pt just looking for diev the most, oracle second, and the third is flexible
if you are moving around too much in my cm you are the one im goin to kick
reason?some smart guy already explain why here…
ppl like you the reason my cm gone more than 25s each stage

yeah paladin is good because can boost damage for PT, but with kabba just use einsof up to stage 6 for healing is enough, it is like flagbot skill

I was kabba before they nerfed ein sof to 5 seconds tick … >.< ;;;; still good option but I was spoiled by the old ein sof haha 1 button cm 1-7

you just need diev, rest is w/e.
just give us statue and we good.