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The issue of content in ToS


Hello there, i’m trying a last desperate topic before my love for ToS goes away forever

That’s some times, i try to understand why am i bored of ToS

Aside of vga, desync, bugs, to me there’s a huge issue about party content

First of all, we have in this game, only “loot content” left. Which means anything we do is to get an item (gears, recipe, gems…). And when we are done with the items a content offers, this content dies (Fedi missions, dungeons, raids…) Who still run refugee raid? Asio and Wastrel are already abandonned in fedi serv. Because imc chosed to cut the grind, half of an mmo content is missing: grinding for exp. Which means everybody minds are focused on “getting something” and not anymore about making parties for having fun and grind/socialize somewhere.

Now let’s talk about parties. Everything now is a solo content. There’s no dangerous place anywhere. Even Challenge modes are solo now. There’s no risk, no party wipe, nothing that can give us hilarous moment. Like every other mmo in the market, tos forgot about the fun. there’s no content to enjoy playing with mates, inside guilds, it feels more like a collab for endgame items than guild enjoying playing together. I remember when i watched the video about the “new HG” (irredian shelter) i thought this will be an HG for parties, and bosses only up to reward those parties. The huge disappointement at its release; it killed me. so no hard(fun) pve content for parties.

After this went borushit. i belongs to the guild which own this content since first week. Aside of jokes in vocal during those boring hours of killing this ■■■■; there’s no fun. Boruta has so bad mecanics; and behind the most terrible content design of the game there’s tons of drama. No matter which angle you take to think about boruta, it ends to be a disappointement.

Now we have to be hyped by ANOTHER new raid coming; but still, it’s a “loot content”, we will take our legendaries ■■■■ and leave this. and it’s not because you hide this poverty behind a weeklies fragments wall (hello velco) that it makes us enjoying doing this every week. As long as our reason to play is “getting something” instead of the need of parties for other reason, where we can laugh; it will still feel the same…taking the loot of the content and get bored. plz stop with raids, all your raids are bad (and i’m kind, cause rly your game design…ignas…). Making, every 6 month, a new “hard” boss to kill still doesn’t make a “game”.

we maybe need the come back of the idea of party grind for exp (truffles, kalejimas, storage parties were fun enough). Or any content that push us to party. Aside of putting back the exp content i have no idea, but maybe you guys got ideas.

Oh and i only spoke about pve, but i’m a pvp player

give us severals battle mods, with traps, tricks, bridges, holes, which can sometimes not only rely on gears (for the new players you completly forgot and leave in the wild desert your game is)

Can we just all agree with the fact we want fun before a (new) legendary +16 t10 blablabla


Thats kinda how TOS is now though.
it looks more like a generic mobile cash-grab game than a “better” Ragnarok Online like it was at the begining, I still have fun with it though.
Gemstone is fun, TBL is the most fun I have out of this game, and I also enjoy making my characters “cool”(gear, build, titles etc). That said, I’ll probably go back to wow after 8.2 comes out (and likely most people here as well)

The patch (probably) coming out next week might be the deciding factor between me sticking around for longer or not, as I want new PvP builds to play with


I agree on the levelling part.
It’s also counter logical: the game is empty once you reach endgame and a slower levelling process could help letting players do something before hitting the daily/weekly chores side of the game.

On the difficulty I have mixed feelings. I don’t think the game is really too easy. If you try to play with Primus untrascended stuff it’s quite hard and boring, since you have no dmg and mobs erode you. This leads me to think that it’s the Trascendence/Enhancement system that is wrong and creates illogical situations.

PvP-wise… I see the same Trascendence/Enhancement. PvP is hidden behind a whale barrier which precludes it to all not fully geared players.

We definitely need that the game become funnier, but I don’t think that just upping the difficulty will do it.

Ps. Boruta is so much fun! You just don’t understand it :hey:

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This was the biggest problem with Rebuild where every person needed to feel “strong.” This negated the need for party content, but also means everyone is done with content in a couple days. The gear from the new raid is so bad there’s no reason to even do it, it’s like a 4-5 base stat upgrade on each piece with no set bonuses, and the weapons are a joke.

I’m strongly against the idea of “dailies.” There has to be a more compelling reason to log on outside of doing your chores. Gemstone Feud was actually a great addition to the game, because it provided a great alternative to doing Saalus, and is actually entertaining. Every match is different, and the matches are big enough where many are close and not steamrolls at all.

Some people will always be happy to do things at a very casual pace, for these people the game always will feel like there’s something to do. But when you are at end game, you beat all the end game content there is to offer, and then there’s nothing. When new content comes out, you are literally done with 2 months to spare before the next content.

The class system has always been the game’s big selling point; but 40+ classes with no content to do will sit idle.


I guess that’s the direction they choose given quite a lot of players actually enjoy this garbage PVE, they like the feeling of power they get from stomping mobs.
For me it gets boring REALLY fast and i barely do anything else than PVP.

I agree with most points said here and i wish IMC would go back to the days where PVE was actually dangerous.

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i agree with every of your post, that means we have the same feeling of the wrong way the game is going. When there’s balance team in tbl, it’s soooo much fun and i had sometimes rly close fight, me too i still enjoy tbl (even if there’s still lot of issue). So i agree about tbl. Feud is fun too, but we need other pvp content with different goal, and some that doesn’t rely on gears, to let new ppl enjoying the game and staying. It solves the issue of gap about gears (trans-upgrade), making content that doesn rely on it. Maybe we need a 24/24 7/7 pvp arena, to chat and fight.

I agree about dailies and weeklies to, it doesn solve anything to push player doing something boring just for rewards. it doesn’t create the fun at all. Who still run Saalus? Even if the rewards are one of the most important item in the game…i have to add to this, the “board” event, to me it’s not event, it’s just like throwing s.h.i.t to occupy ppl. An Event needs a human being (GM) behind. All those things you think “i have to connect to do it” and not “i want to open ToS to have fun”

i remember when at the beginning of ToS when we were doing our quest and explored the maps and suddenly we met a Blue Spion Archer and couldn’t cross the map. it was fun. The fun comes with the fail but now imc logic is to reward everywhere like we are spoiled child.


on my server (silute) despite there being some whales (+21 on almost every piece, trans 10 on everything and BIS ichor etc) TBL is mostly played by people at around 5-8 trans +6-11 velcoffer armors (weapons ofc has to be T10, thats an obligation tbh) with only about 1/2 the pieces ichored, and whenever you see a full non-random team the games are a blast to play.

But honestly, I would have absolutely no problem at all with all gear being normalized inside TBL if there was more Content like Gemstone to play as well. TBL is one of the reasons you gear and tailor your character to your playstyle, and if gear was normalized there, we wouldn’t play other aspects of the game as much. If there was more PvP content (instanced PvP content, not 80vs10 stomps like GTW) I would love to see gear normalization on TBL though as it would raise the number of people participating

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It doesn’t even need to be only combat content.


Get a rare dungeon ticket from mobs. (requires gear and leveling combat ckills)

Get a cute costume recipe from that dungeon. (gear and combat ckills)

Shear sheeps to get some wool. (Sheep Shearing skill)

Make threads and then fabric. (Weaving skill)

Sew a costume using fabric and recipe. (Sewing skill and a minigame)


And then next week you decide to switch to Cooking/Blacksmithing/whatever.

A mean c’mon, koreans were able to make such a game back in 2004 and now games are being reduced to what TS has described. Only dungeon crawlers and mobile games are worse than that. (Though TOS is already half-instanced and we only have world bosses and instanced dungeons for the endgame.)

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No more harvest moon and mabinogi please.


Why not? leveling life skills for months is fun. (Especially compared to derping through the same instances for months)

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I played Ro very Hardcore for 15 years(2 megs/+20 kvm katar/gtb shield) but in tos i just feel forced to do the same boring dailys everyday.

Its a chore so i always quit for a few weeks untill i get hyped for a new build lvl up to cap and quit a few days later again.

I like pvp but gear is just way to important…
In ro gear was very important too but still you could die from a undergeard player.
In Tos you have no chance at all the full velc guys will 1-2 shot you and you deal barely any dmg at all.


Yeah, i just wish that instead of pushing the level cap (that is utterly useless by the way IMC, the current leveling system is boring, unrewarding and way too easy) they would put more dungeons/raids/challenges. More stuff to do, more item diversity, not a new BiS, DIVERSITY.

I’d rather have a game with LOTS of niche items that can fit in some builds than the current Get Ignas plate and shut up


I wish they changed the lvl cap. “Shrink” the game down to 100lvls max, and re-arrange all mobs/items/maps/players/exp/etc for a 100lvl cap. Would probably reduce the gap between geared and non geared players, and make a lot more items viable. 420lvls is too much imo, and makes a lot of the lower lvl maps useless.

But hey, this is just wishful thinking, I doubt they would ever do something like this. After all, increasing the lvl cap makes people play for longer thanks to new BiS items…


gem feud is fun, until you get vga error or random disconnections, and then you can’t get in again
and then inside, you are swarmed by onmyojis and plague doctors that AOE you from across the map without noting and being unable to do anything
beside your points, which i find are all true, the game needs some serious class balancing… i don’t even want to try tbl or other pvp content because of the game crashes and class balancing

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I am sad to say you’re right. A LOT of people are actually very fixated on menial things in game, forgetting to see the game for what it is. It amazes me how people still throw money at this game for cosmetics like ribbon and such. ToS has become an mmorpg of afk, tree of fasion if you may call it.

I personally have lost the drive and motivation to play long ago, I just set new goals recently and alas I have achieved them already too. Now I am just making the drakonas accesories, even if I don’t necessarily have the need have them.

Grinding for exp is a great factor for an mmorpg but in ToS it is a walk in the park. No wonder players look for something worth challenging, but tos keeps recycling concepts over and over again.

While ToS definitely has its good points, it is simply a “cute game”. It requires minimal skills, little teamwork but on the other hand can be hours of research to perfect a build that can be OP for what you want to be good at.

If you have played other mmorpgs, or play other different genres of games you will understand the issue discussed here.

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PVE content is getting worse i aggre, they should design something new and FUN or game is not surviving another year, cannot re-re-build it imo.
I’m tired of bad events every week, a lot of events have problems and aren’t fun at all, just afk or “bossing” crap.
But boruta is the worst content of this game by far, tons of hours for dc/bugs/nofun/drama/breaking guilds, and it’s a big problem for people that has little time.

I’ve never played the oracle content, siaulai is dead because nothing interests and no rewards.
CM is for helping mates leveling a char or farming sierra powders…
Wish at least uphill was a playable content in group, there is no incentive to do it at all.
For me the only content that is helpfull right now is Velcoffer and it’s gonna be horrible after the healing nerfs and everyone get geared up.

Gemstone is an ok content, it’s just annoying as hell when you get DCed and you basically lost your day, that is awful and a serious design problem.

The main problems of TOS are:
1 - Horrible and problematic ENGINE with unlimited bugs.
2 - Bad variety of PVP and PVE contents.
3 - You are not rewarded with fun by the hours you spent playing, just RNG and pain.

IMC should know we don’t want enchant scrolls or bless shards, or new bosses with halfdozen patterns, we just want a reliable content where we can spend like half an hour a day and get satisfied amounts of fun (if you are thinking Salus you are wrong).
Fix gemstone, make a content like GTW works, make a guild content where you can spend healthy time with your guild… jeez, this should be some design basics. It seems like imc don’t play the game they designed lol.


Wow this thread summarizes almost everything. Although most of these issues are bound to appear in MMORPG, and every new content will be boring given enough time. but still… here are my thoughts as a returnee of 3 weeks… (played right at 280 cap)

  • Endgame gears/builds
    just came back to playing again hoping that its still fun
    although some contents are fun, most of it are just so linear and no other way around it or most of the time the “other way” around will result in inefficient build. Good thing going on TOS is the variety of classes. Atleast now its not just “tree of wizards”

  • PVP specific
    PVP = Gears + PVP Class thats all. a good sample of PVP is that of Dragon nest, equalize gears and skills that functions differently in PVP than on PVE. I hope they make a pvp like this, unlike now. Example you are just standing there in feud farming those silly mobs and suddenly theres an enemy onmyoji that casted aoe somewhere somehow and youre just gone. lul. (well feud is a good content, just giving an example of geared vs newbie, ofcourse they grinded for those gears they deserve those powertripping)

  • PVE Contents, not threathening as they were during 2016 TOS.
    the endgame content of PVE doesn’t present much of a challenge compared to the first release ( well duhhh ofcourse everything is new but still its way easier now.) Reading the post above remembering crossing the map with blue spion archers with atleast 3 of them hitting you with spiral arrows will make your characters go planking in no time, or the time where alemeth/storage was always full of people and competing for grinding exp and shts, now i just followed all the gold quest and maxed my new char in 3 days playing casually. Bring back the grinding, bring back the fun in questing, bring back the good old planning of when to pop your exp cards.

  • Town
    now i dont know if its just because the game is old thats why theres only a few people in town doing nothing. The numbers is not the issue, the activity in town. all other contents are in Klai except the raids. I missed those card battles. No issues here really just miss the lively town.

  • Events
    well here i dont know much about events since, i only experience few ones within 3 - 4weeks. But are there fun events? from what ive read its just kill this, deliver this then receive this as a reward. Puzzles? Hide n seek with GM’s? Live events? any of that in the past?

  • Forgotten contents
    Low level dungeons, ive read somewhere that its just a bug that dungeon cubes only gives talts and cards. Well this still falls down to being linear with gears. TOS before as an example, youll see AA archer having different item builds, the variety of combo xbows - dagger/pistol for endgame… Items youll get on lower dungeons and still be somewhat useful for contents later on. i dont see that now. Yeah gear progression is important, what im saying is maybe 2 or more items from low lvl still having good enough effects to even matter a little lul.

Well theres a lot of improvement here and there but this is an issue thread so theres that. Lets keep TOS aliveeeee


I remember when i ask my guild mate to go grinding with me in hg for some easy exp (he is way stronger than me btw), and when i got the red weapon he upset so i have to gave away that weapon to him so i won’t destroy this “friendship”


Game engine is garbage and the expierience is not enjoyable whatsoever. Thats the main issue.

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Every reply has very good points. I believe that for the longest time the game has become bloated with addition over addition of game systems that either get repurposed after a while (from things like Uphill or AJ to the entire class system) or left in the dust like OP said (Hethran Badges anyone?). Yet the one stellar feature that has proved to work flawlessly and has been improved upon with precise mindfulness are the gacha cubes. Cubes get a level of attention that the actual game doesn’t, and anyone can tell after a while. To the point that “The Game” just feels like a support for gacha to exist and keep rolling.