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The ichor system and Aias


Make some lower gear like Aias and other extractable
Or it’s too OP?

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And also Emengard Shield please…


also Elga Rapier plox


It’s a good way to save some old equipments from trash can


Does toy Hammer become good again if you can make it a 12k atk weapon? It’s been so long i forgot how it works.

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Ive waited for this so long. I hope they implement non-level restricted ichoring. Some of the earlier level stuff would be really interesting to see

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Agree with this. I feel like people would have a diverse selection of item effects by letting us ichor other existing items.

inb4 toy hammer ichor memes.


Ichoring Solmiki equips would be cool too. Would give me a reason to farm ET again, and I bet solmiki would be relevant content even after the increase the max lvl cap to 420.


Aias is fine but there are some problems.

Emengard is the BiS even now, personally I think we should be able to ichor it, but if they did that it becomes a must.

Wind Runners give +3 MS so they would also become a big BiS.

Manamana and Toy Hammer are weapons that would completely break the game, in a fun way in PvP sure, but it’d be hell in PvP.

Any gear that increases skill levels would now work for offensive skills as well. That means that Audra is giving people level 7-8 Frost Pillar. Not too problematic, but it’s a big change nonetheless.


This part I like but some gear would be a problem; namely gears that increase skill level. Velcoffer with +2 musket skills, +2 fencer skills, shield with +1 pelt&rode skills, pistol with +2 SR skills, and of course Audra.

I love the idea of making Solmiki relevant again but don’t think its feasible without further considerations.

I do love the idea of meme gloves making a triumphant return…

~Azura Skyy


But that is exactly the reason they would be good for ichor, remove those and no one will ichor them since their other stats are not as good as wastrel/asio/primus. Even something like Solmiki cloth top wouldnt be OP, because you are sacrificing any offensive stats you could have gotten for that extra Con/Sp.

If anything, the only items that could cause problems are Toy hammer for obvious reasons, and Manamana for the +120% anvil bonus. And maybe Galin Trident for bossing, but I dont really know how that one works. (Faded Crystaras, Fyringy and Harvester ichors might be a problem too)

Emengard shield would probably become the best shield ichor, but Windrunners would not be a big deal because ichoring them wont transfer their 3 sockets.


My concern is how a few classes will get fantastic ichors and others will get shafted. I’ll admit some bias here- there is no 1h spear below asio/wastrel/primus 380 that would be worth ichoring and as is, asio is complete trash, and wastrel tries to make up for not having an effect/+skill bonus by giving 121 str and 76 crit (the crit line is straight rip from the Solmiki Spear).

I’m sure this extends to other classes. Fencer is already in a fantastic place and Solmiki Rapier is still a viable weapon in Velcoffer meta because its effect is incredible. Velcoffer with 1 more socket only ends up something like 7% DPS increase @Resource please chime in.

I have a post dedicated to improving and changing Solmiki to be viable for low players or push it up to compete with Velcoffer like an alternative legend raid (think how asio/wastrel are competing unique raids and offer an option). I want this to be a thing on some level but I don’t think it can be across the board ‘yes ichor anything’

EDIT:If they put this change through I will be an AoE God with my Solmiki Spear + Vubbe Fighter Gloves
EDIT:From Resource “Someone already did the math and the +2 fencer is a 6-9% increase in damage for fencer skills only. The raw patk from velcoffer + socket + wastrel rapier is better than 6-9%”

~Azura Skyy

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