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The gap between 2h vs 1h+sub

We’ll have to see how the new attack formula works. But regarding the old one, physical attack played a really large part, and modifiers aren’t enough to make up for a low attack.
This is cause physical attack is used in two different parts, one of which - the logarithmic part - acts as the major attenuating factor. Fencers are also supposed to make significantly higher damage from critical hits…the problem being that you’re still capped at 60% crit chance, whatever your crit rate is, and that physical attack is even more important when critical hits are involved (as it is used as 1.5 times your physical attack, plus the physical critical attack, in the non-logarithmic part of the formula). Multi-hits are there to give more chances to do critical attacks, so that it averages better, but apart from that they are no different from single, high SFR skills. As in, a skill with 1500 SFR and one with 500*3 hits SFR, as long as either all the hits crit or no hit crits, do exactly the same damage.
Even then, regarding fencers, the skill factors are relatively low. It’s just that with attaque composee we can do sustained damage, rather than burst one. But if the physical attack is comparatively low, that sustained damage ends up being terrible. With the old formula, at least. In that regard, a fencer requires a ton more silvers to get the same results, because until your attack gets high enough, you just cannot compete with two handed weapons, as despite the modifiers you’re more heavily weighted down due to how the formula works.
But either way, we have to see the new one to see if it warrants giving the ornament such values. With the old one, math wise, it would be an exaggerated buff. And it’s not an opinion, it’s just how the math works. We’ll see the new one, anyway. And how the tests will go in kTest.

if you use fencer for damage talk of course its unsatisfying because fencer calibre is not damage but atk speed
enough talking about class bias though

Ornaments will be enhance able and transcend able, so it’s gonna be +8,4k dmg at +16 T10 then u ad double ichor. Math says it’s gonna be retarded.


That changes the entire situation, it would have been more balanced if it wasn’t allowed to be transcended and enhanced. =/

It’s fine, they nerfed it already. +16 t10 Legend Skia Ornament = 3204 attack. Much more balanced, thankfully imc realized how op it would be and nerfed it.

Full list of ornaments:

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Why couldn’t they balance the numbers of 2h instead of adding items that essentially does the same thing.

They just introduce another equipment slot that requires all the rng of anvil, ichor, etc to use.

Just so bland and lazy.

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They did. Buffed 2h swords and spears, giving a big increase to the maximum attack value. Unfortunately it’s not the case for 2h maces and staves, which will require huge investment on the ornament to actually just close the gap on the missing buff.

I still dont understand bout this part what is this %?
Target Attack" Formula Change
※ Damage (%) = (( Target Attack Stat Value - Target Defense Stat Value ) / ( Defender Level * 30) * 100