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The Game Sever after Patch

Hey guys. I’ve noticed that the game runs way slower and laggier than before the patch. I’m wondering if everyone is going thru the same thing. This post isn’t made for the purpose of IMC bashing. I’m just wondering if the problem is the server or if my computer can’t handle the new ToS system.

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You are not alone bro. The game client performs worse after patch. Anyway a lot bugs.
On 64bit client he crash my graphics driver and i must reset pc xd. I just wonder how they could even release something like that.

Client itself working fine on my machine. x64 tremendously reduce my startup time.
Some addon break, but that is expected. Zero crash so far.

Almost all performance issues I encounter can be attributed to connectivity issue plaguing telsiai currently.

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I think it’s more server than the client system or my computer because it’s getting less and less laggy as time goes on. From time to time it wouldn’t even let me chat on guild chat so the server does have a lot of instability atm.

Yes… the client seems fine for me. But the fps seems jumping 60 30 60 30 making it feel like lagging. I think this is due to server

This seems like a telsiai issue imo

do reply if you play on other servers

I’m on Klapedia server

Are you having problems with automatch too? Here it works the first or second time, then the game crashes and I need to restart.

Automatch for cm doesn’t work at all for me. Seems to work for some people. And automatch for Instanced Dungeon works but each time I had to leave to char and come back or else it won’t automatch properly.

problems with chat with auto match and several others how difficult is it for gms to close the server for a few more hours and solve the problems?

Telsiai server been down to bonkers these past few weeks with no fix in sight, then here comes a whole content update surrounding auto-matching, resulting in screwing Telsiai with server issues that bugs out of auto-matching. Heck, I can’t even change characters properly.

IMC clearly has a bone to pick with Telsiai.

Telsiaimensquare Massacre 2021

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ms value is so different now. I think Klapedia server finally stabilized. No more lagging thank gawd.
OMG what a headache that was, wondering if my comp was trash. It probably is but it could handle this game just fine yesterday.

Hope you Tesiai people get your server fixed soon. Wish you good luck

Game became stuttering on my laptop. Even 32bit version. And became nearly unplayable :frowning:
Maybe someone know what need to install additionally? Like directx, netframework, vcc redist or smth?
Is there any command line parameter to lower visuals and increase performance?

My character moves around flawlessly but the screen, monsters, and other characters stutter.


Been getting Auto match dc after defeating final boss >.> 3rd time it happened need to restart tos … i’m in telsiai btw …

Chat bug seems to escalate on this patch XDD longer time to wait for it to fix itself … and oh yeah my controller seems to be bugged … managed to make it work but the buttons are all over the place … trying to manual keys but it resets back to abnormal stage after restart …

Same. The new 64 bit client is much faster (especially loading screens) and FPS doesn’t drop as much as before when navigating in town. But sometimes I see other players sprite flicker.

Exact same as me. Character loading and moving between diff map much faster than ever, to my surprise. And now that the server has stabilized, my character movement and skill animations are very smooth. But other characters and monsters stutter 90% of the time when they move. They’re technically still in sync. It’s not lag but their movements are stuttering. With the monster movement stuttering, I need to be extra careful with elite monster movements in cm5. Hopefully this can get fixed next week. At least it’s playable now.

fedimian has randomnly chat issues and when that happens you can’t register for automatchers, it also crash klaipeda ch1 quite often.

its a server issu anyway, client is fine and better than before.

Agreed. After patch, client is a good option… I had an issue with ToS client and employee monitoring software, but after using patch, everything is ok (at least now). But i still have issues with connection.

It is difficult to play like this … auto match was the best thing the IMC did, but it is unplayable