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The game needs an option not to load summons of other players

I wonder why the game still doesn’t have an option to not display the summons of other players.

All the displaying does for the regular player is to heavily increase the load the game has to manage while significantly dropping the FPS.
We don’t gain anything from being able to see all the Ignases/Marnoxes/Zauras,Shoggoths,zombies,skeletons,salamions and bats when we’re not playing the summoner who uses them. They even block the sight on enemies and help in overlooking them inside a crowd of summons.

Since the game performs poorly without addons and because addons don’t guarantee full functionality whenever a new update patch hits, it is high time to provide the normal player with an option to filter out all the summons so his client performance significantly increases.


+1 to this

I had the marvelous idea of bringing my FF (which is also Sorc) to the last GTW and after one battle where I was constantly under 10 FPS I decided to go back to my regular CC wizard and it was immediately MUCH better. Summons trash the performance of the game at the moment… and I even see people shouting “LF 5th for x content – NO SUMMONER” when trying to set up parties now.

i agree too, those summons (specially zaura) is too huge and screenblocking, it is anoying specially in CM

its kinda good when you pt with allies, but wonder when you fight sumoner at pvp (i wonder if someone even use sumoner to pvp ;D) and you killed by thin air.